Americans spend more on prescription drugs than any other country — on average $1,200 per year.

We also pay more for health insurance and have a lower life expectancy

While we can’t change the entire US Health Care System we can help you save money on your prescription drugs. Read on to learn more.

Why Subscription Medications Are So High

Check eliquis prices, for example, they range from approximately $1.05 – $2.69 per pill. If you understand the reasons for the difference in prices, you can use them to your advantage.

Do you know the counter where you can ask the Pharmacist? Use it to save money and better understand the expenses behind your medication.

Below are the top 5 ways to save on your prescription medication. Read on to save.

5 Ways to Save on Prescription Medications

Please ask for help, do your research, switch to generic, but do not skip medications to save money. It will cost you more in the long run and can damage your health.

Talk to Your Pharmacist and Physician

Both are knowledgeable about drugs and their costs, though they specialize in different areas.

Physicians may have samples to give you or may be able to choose a different medication for your needs. Pharmacists see the difference in drug costs daily.

Switch to Generic

Brand named prescription drugs are expensive because of the cost that goes into their development. Large pharmaceutical companies are looking to recoup those costs which means a higher cost to the consumer.

All prescription drugs are patented, once the patent expires other companies can produce the same medication. Without development costs, generic drugs are cheaper to make.

Be a Savvy Shopper

Most people spend more time researching their next vacation than they do researching where to fill their prescription.

Most automatically swing by the local CVS or Rite Aid and assume that is the best deal. That is not the case.

Big Box Stores like Walmart & Target, have bigger buying lines and as a result, can often offer you a better deal.

Order Less of More

Again, do not skip medications to save money. Do not cut tablets unless you speak to your doctor or pharmacist first. Caplets, for example, should never be cut. 

If you can cut the tablets, explore purchasing a larger dose, for example, 10mg verses 5mg and cut them. This requires fewer pills and saves you money.

If you are able to and choose to cut medications, buy a pill cutter. This will ensure pills are equal and the medication does appropriate. 

Know Your Insurance

Most people don’t understand their own insurance plan. If you want to save money, get to know yours. If you are working, look through your insurance options.

A different plan may have a better prescription drug plan. The result is savings for you.

Ready to Save on Your Prescription Medication?

Are you ready to improve your health and save while you are doing it? Search here for more on how to save on prescription drug costs.

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