A place of stay is a necessity for every person, be it a house or an apartment or a mansion, etc. But, to make it a home you need a lot more than bricks and money. Your home is a direct representation of who you are as a person as it reflects lots of qualities you possess as a whole.

And to bring out your best of qualities to mirror your house into a home the least you can do is decorate it. Wait. Are you thinking about the expenses and the cost of decorations being high?

 Well, they are not if you don’t want them to be! There are some very attractive and adorable ways to decorate your house on a budget. Keep reading to find five such inexpensive ways.

●  Using various kinds of Wallpapers

Why settle for a bland room while you can transform it exquisitely with one simple thing?

Yes, you got it right- ART! Your living room should be the spitting image of your personality and pictures of your loved ones play a huge role in it, and the right art-piece will be the best friend to your personal photographs.

Do It Yourself wallpapers: Do you think you have to be rich and creative to have the “Right Art”? Throw that thought away as far as you can. There is no rulebook of Art. It doesn’t have to necessarily signify deep thoughts or require any creativity from your side.

It is unbelievably simple and cheap to make your home artistic. All you need are these three words: Do It Yourself. From painting some artwork yourself to creating an abstract piece of art from masking tape, i is really that simple. 

Canvas Prints: Give your wall a life with a breath-taking canvas print. Canvas pictures are an amazing gift to the world of home decor. You can incorporate your own personal taste while making the room aesthetically awesome through them. How cool is that?

●  Re-arrange simple household items

| Re-purposing is the real purpose |

It is very natural for us to get bored by the same arrangements of the furniture and the other cabinets, tables and household items for years. So it is always advisable to rearrange these existing items to get a new, fresh look without spending money. Not only does this give a new look, but in the process, you also get to discard the unnecessary items which have gathered over time.

For instance, you can put some books on your console and place it to some other part of the room with a vase on it. The positions of the sofa set can be changed, and the tea-table accordingly. Try to use another set of curtains that goes well with the new environment of the room. Try restocking the shelves with glass items of different colors etc. Upgrading the rug also does wonders. Some scented candles can be used to complement the tea table.

●  Re-use the different household items with just paint of brush and in a different backdrop

|The backdrop sets the future |

Keeping a budget in mind, it is truly not possible to spend on decor amounts in your home regularly. So it is suggested to re-purpose your decors and give them a fresh look, for instance, you can re-use your paint your old plates with designs as wall hangings or your wine bottles as vases (obviously after washing them well!). Old trunks can be turned into side tables and coffee tables with just some wood polish or colors you like. You can color your basket with some bright shade that will go with your console. Turn other old bowls into pots and showpieces. Even other’s trash can be used to re-decor your room.

●  Light it up, from corners to bedrooms

| Lights don’t just brighten dark corners. They affect your emotions |

Your home reflects your personality. The place where you have so many experiences- relaxing with friends, having sumptuous meals, and getting cozy on the sofa must be well lit, right?

 A home should have bright and soothing lights in order to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The perfect lighting can transform your mood and increase your productivity. It is tempting to pick up the right furniture or the perfect curtain but remember that lighting can either make or break your amazingly thought decor ideas. Lights don’t just brighten dark corners, and they affect your emotions.

Use lanterns, cool lampshades which you might as well get in a thrift shop, fairy lights of different colors highlighting your vacation photos on your wall, or just surrounding your mirror. Lastly, let us address the Chandelier in the room. A chandelier enhances the classiness of the room and sprinkles a bit of romantic feeling. 

●  Keep plants of various sizes and colors in your room:

| Plants have this amazing superpower of making your living room bright and lively |

The green color not only is soothing to the eye but also brings you the outdoors to your room, adding fresh aura and an airy feel which can be safely be said to be one of the top-most contributors of your room decor. Plants have this amazing superpower of making your living room bright and lively. The plants should be strategically placed beside your sofa set, giving an ideal setup for your living room.

Don’t worry if your humble abode does not have a bag-full of square footage. You can still live a greeny way. There are many types of plants that do not require much sunlight and attention, which makes them perfect for indoor decor. Visit the nearest nursery to gift your living room a dash of fresh air.

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