Some of the most masterful business leaders sneak right beneath our feet, but who are these multi-millionaires and what makes them so impressive?

Well-known commodities such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs dominated for decades. With 2020 just beginning, there are new faces that are all pushing their names to the forefront of the business space. Although there are thousands of influential leaders in business, these five individuals are some of the most intriguing to look forward to this year.

Gary Vaynerchuk

A name you might know and rightfully so as Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary V as he’s known) has taken the social media age by storm.

His rise to fame took off when he capitalized on a 20-minute daily YouTube show dubbed, the Wine Library TV, in 2006. Fast-forward 14 years and Gary V is a dominant force on the platform with 2.53 million subscribers, an influential decision-maker and motivational speaker.

As an established entrepreneur and now business icon, Gary V’s investments have paid off tenfold after putting money into Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler, and Twitter expanding his net worth near $200 million.

Grant Cardone

An international speaker focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, social media and more, Grant Cardone is responsible for five privately held companies that have exceeded $100 million.

Cardone recently hosted the largest business conference of all-time in February 2019, GrowthCon3. The event took place at Marlins Park in Miami, Fla. and brought in 35,000 attendees who learned all about Cardone’s thoughts on execution, marketing, self-care and other tricks of the trade.

As a real estate icon that built a $1.5 billion portfolio of multifamily properties, Cardone was named the No. 1 marketer to watch in 2017 and should be on your radar in 2020.

Elon Musk

The CyberTruck was Elon Musk’s most recent addition to his Tesla Motors business, but this is just a small piece of his impressive resume.

A South African native and current Los Angeles resident, Musk is a businessman, inventor, and investor worth $32 billion. He’s dipped his hands into space transportation via SpaceX and has grown Tesla to a $100 billion stock market value.

In 2017, Tesla surpassed General Motors to take the crown of the most valuable U.S. car manufacturer and is much more affordable than individuals may believe with a price point as low as $35,000.

Bob Iger

CEO of the Disney Corporation and having now acquired Lucas Films with Marvel and Pixar already in the chamber, Bob Iger has been a force to be reckoned in the business space.

Since Iger took over, Disney has expanded its theme parks to Shanghai and Hong Kong and Disney+ signed up more than 10 million people the day after it launched.

A net worth that touches the $690 million mark and the recent addition of a highly coveted and cute, Baby Yoda, to The Mandalorian series, Iger is focused on growing Disney exponentially. He could even add another Businessperson of the Year award on top of the one he received in 2019.

Jeff Bezos

It’s only a matter of time before Amazon’s delivery tactics are strictly drone driven, but until then, Jeff Bezos will continue to expand the company’s reach across the world.

As the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, Bezos’ net worth of $2.7 billion makes him the “richest man in modern history”. In September 2018, Amazon reached a market cap of $1 trillion sitting alongside Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft as the only companies at that mark.

With 175 operating fulfillment centers and nearly 150 million square feet of space for shipping items, the company is showing no signs of slowing down and neither is Bezos.

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