Workers around the world mine about 147 carats of diamonds each year. Princess cut diamonds are especially in demand and worth learning more about.

What is a princess cut diamond? The princess cut is a rectangular or square shaped diamond. Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz invented this cut in 1980.

Since then, the princess cut has grown more popular. You deserve to know why this is the case.

Here are 5 fascinating facts about princess cut diamonds you should know:

1. Princess Cut Diamonds Are All The Rage

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular type of diamond used for rings.

Out of all engagement rings, 30% use princess cut diamonds. However, 50% of engagement rings still use round cut diamonds.

If you want the best of both worlds, opt for a round princess cut diamond. 

2. More Affordable

The princess cut is cheaper than other diamond shapes.

Even if a princess cut diamond is the same carat weight as a round cut diamond, the princess cut diamond’s price will still be cheaper. This makes the princess cut ideal for getting married on a budget.

One major reason for the cheaper price is that princess cut diamonds have a bigger yield from the rough. The yield rate can be as high as 90%.

Making a princess cut diamond is also more simple than other cuts. One simply needs to split the rough diamond into 2 pieces to make 2 princess cut diamonds.

You get the biggest bang for your buck when you buy loose princess diamonds.

3. Appearance

So what does a princess diamond look like and why? The style of the princess cut was inspired by the french cut. The purpose of the french cut was to make the most efficient use of the dodecahedral crystals in diamonds. 

The princess cut can either be more square or rectangular, depending on your preference. However, the less square a princess cut stone is, the cheaper it will be.

Princess cut ring settings always have 4 prongs. The 4 prongs protect the diamond’s corners from chipping.

4. Keep It Eye-Clean

Eye-clean is the term used to describe a diamond without visible inclusions. The best princess cut stones are eye-clean.

Unfortunately, a princess cut stone’s corners make it more prone to chipping. That chance of chipping increases if there’s an inclusion near one of the corners. An eye-clean princess cut diamond is less likely to chip.

To prevent chipping and other damage, learn how to take care of your engagement rings.

5. Length To Width Ratio

The princess cut looks most appealing with a certain length to width ratios.

Princess cut stones with ratios that range between 1:1 to 1:1.05 have more of a square shape. Any ratio above that range gives the diamond a more rectangular appearance.

Add Some Dazzle To Your World

The mined diamond industry is worth $80 billion. Still, princess cut diamonds are priceless.

Lab-grown diamonds are also becoming more popular. Around 70% of Millennials will consider getting lab-grown engagement diamond rings in the future.Upgrade your life and learn more lifestyle tips. Knowledge is the power you need to live better.

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