Coworking has been fully embraced and adopted by the business community and its not hard to see why when you consider all of the advantages it can deliver and solutions this way of working offers.

This is a way of working that offers cost-effectiveness and versatility, amongst other things, and when you take advantage of software such as  Engage Coworking apps to be able to do everything via your smartphone you can appreciate why this way of doing business has become so mainstream.

Here is a look at some of the key elements that your coworking software should offer.


Every coworking software solution available will offer some features that might be fairly unique to that particular product but there will be some core features and functions that will be critical to your coworking needs.

Create a checklist of priorities and ask key questions of each software option to see whether it matches your own ambitions and needs.

Billing and invoicing

Somewhere near the top of your list of priorities would be the ability to carry out billing and invoicing tasks as easily and seamlessly as possible.

You will want to be able to automate these tasks so that you can keep on top of everything and carry out this function expediently, and you should also look for the ability to easily gain an insight into which invoices have been paid or unpaid.

Easy booking options

It should go without saying that one of the key aspects of a successful coworking operation is the ability to make the booking process as easy as possible.

There are a number of different components to the booking process that need to come together as seamlessly as possible so that people can book meeting rooms or request additional services with a minimum of fuss.

Having an app that allows you to book on the go would be advantageous and this should also make it possible to monetize shared assets in the most efficient way.

Easy interaction

At the end of the day, coworking is all about community and creating a business platform that offers a flexible working solution.

Ideally, you want coworking software that enables the greatest amount of freedom to interact and communicate, embracing social media and using that medium to talk about offers and new features as well as sending notifications.

Making it easy to do business with you

Your aim will be to make the coworking experience a positive one and a fundamental part of being able to achieve that goal is to make the contractural aspect of the transaction as unobtrusive and uncomplicated as possible.

Ideally, the coworking software that you choose should allow you to be able to manage all of your services with ease, including the ability to make the membership signup process simple and create a contract with a matter of seconds.

If you manage to choose the right coworking software you will likely discover that it has the ability to enhance the users’ experience and make this way of working as easy and efficient as you would want.