Shopping is not only an enjoyable pastime, but it is a necessity. Think about how many hours you spend per month purchasing groceries or other items for yourself. But what happens when the item you bought fails to perform the way it was meant?

If you an injury resulted due to a defective product you may need to speak with a Product Liability Lawyer. Not sure where to start then continue reading.

Product Liability Lawyer

So what is a product liability lawyer? A product liability lawyer specializes in claims by a consumer who was injured by a defective product. The lawyer will assess whether or not your claim is valid. 

By reviewing your account of product injury the lawyer will inform you if the claim should move forward or not. Unfortunately, there are no federal liability laws so claims get filed on the state level. 

Each state’s laws vary so the benefits of hiring a product liability lawyer include securing the knowledge of a trained professional.

Two Types of Product Defects

When it comes to product defects they fall into 3 categories:

  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • No issuance of instructions or warnings

A product’s design could be the reason as to why it malfunctioned. However, this is one factor to consider.

Another reason a product may be defective is it wasn’t assembled properly due to missing or damaged parts.

The third reason a product may injure a consumer is the failure of the manufacturer to provide instructions or disclose information about a product’s potential danger.

While these questions might not get answered during an initial consultation it will be addressed once you have decided to pursue the claim.

Questions to Discuss With Your Product Liability Lawyer

The initial, usually, a free consultation will determine if hiring a product liability lawyer is necessary. Please be sure to come prepared with information such as documentation, medical bills, pictures, receipts, and warranties.

But you should also bring questions. Some things you want to ask include:

  • What fees and rates will apply?
  • Should the claim get pursued?
  • How long do product liability cases take to settle?

However, your lawyer will have questions to ask you like:

  • Did the defective product cause your injury?
  • How did the injury impact your life?
  • Was the product used the way it was intended?

How to Select a Product Liability Lawyer

During your search for the right attorney, you want to make sure you select a trustworthy fighter. 

Asking friends and family for recommendations or word of mouth is a great way to begin a search.

Surfing the internet and reviewing testimonials is another way to find the right lawyer. Yet, confirming the product liability lawyer licensure in your state is important too.

If you are in the Brownsville, Dallas, or Fort Worth section consider the Benton Law Firm.

Moving Forward

Regardless of the settlement amount your product liability lawyer obtains it is important to realize you still have a life to lead.

The money won’t erase the damage caused by the injury but it can give you peace of mind.

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