Food, glorious food! That’s all that we live for!

Everyone loves to eat good food and when you visit a new place, one of the most popular things to do is try the local fare. In a 2017 travel trends report, food tours saw the most increase in bookings compared to other types of tours and attractions.

There are plenty of reasons why you should book a culinary tour instead of trying to find the best local eats by yourself. Keep reading to learn our top 4 key reasons why you should book a tour of the local restaurants and eateries next time you are on vacation.

1. Ditch the Tourist Traps and Eat Like a Local

When visiting a new place, it is all too easy to fall into the tourist trap cycle where you get the watered-down version of the local food. Even asking your concierge can lead you in the wrong direction.

With a tour of the local food, you can feel confident that the restaurants have been hand-chosen to give you the best culinary experience you could want. No more questioning whether the food you are trying is authentic or not!

2. Everything You Need at One Low Cost

It never fails, you choose an interesting meal that isn’t overpriced, but then you add a side and a drink and all of a sudden your bill is twice what you expected!

A culinary tour price will include everything you need for a delicious time. For the price of your tour ticket, you get a preplanned route, various foods, beverages, and entertainment! 

3. Great Benefits of Having a Guided Food Tour

One of the best things about going on a tour of local foods like Istanbul Food Tours, you have a trusted local guide to show you the ropes!

Tour guides offer extra benefits like local learning the folklore, history, and which dishes/ingredients are popular with the locals. You get a much deeper understanding of the culture with a tour guide that you cannot get by trying foods on your own.

4. Get Away From the Crowds

Do you hate large tours where the guide has to shout at everyone through a megaphone to keep the whole group together? Great news, culinary tours offer a much more intimate experience with a much smaller group of fellow tourists.

Most tours keep the group size to 10 people or less, so you are sure to enjoy more one on one attention and increased opportunities to interact with your tour guide.

Bon Appetite!

Of course, there are tons of other reasons to choose a food tour, but we hope this has helped whet your appetite.

No plans to vacation any time soon? Why not book a tour of the local eateries in your area? You could find a hidden gem that you never knew about!

Regardless of which culinary tour you choose, make sure you go hungry because bountiful tasty dishes await. If you are ready to find your perfect guide to edible greatness, go book a tour today!

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