If you’re a world traveler, one of the things on your list might be to go on a safari. While the San Diego Zoo might have one, it’s not the same as the real experience. 

Instead, you should go to Africa for an authentic feel. Here are 5 key reasons why you should visit Kruger National Park.

1. You Can Go All-Year Round

With many attractions in places, there may be limitations on when you can go visit. But not with Kruger National Park. You’ll be able to spot all types of wildlife, no matter when you go.

If you really want to see an abundance of wildlife, consider going during the dry months from June to October. You’re almost guaranteed to see huge crowds of animals at the watering holes.

2. You Have Flexibility

With many safaris, you usually have to get in a vehicle that’s driven by a designed tour leader. While this may keep you the safest, it may not give you the freedom you want with a safari.

When you visit Kruger National Park, you’ll have the choice between a guided or self-guided safari. Picking a guided tour means they’ll know when and where to find wildlife, but driving yourself can give you a sense of satisfaction.

3. It’s a Huge Park

If you think San Diego Zoo is huge, then be prepared to have your mind blown when you go to Kruger National Park. There are almost two million hectares to explore! Inside the park are also safari camps, resorts, and lodges if you want to stay the night.

4. See Nature Work in Real Life

You can see many of the animals in Kruger National Park in a zoo, but they’re not in their true habitats. They live in enclosures and get fed on a regular basis with already-killed meat.

When you embark on a safari in this national park, you’ll get to see how animals truly act in the wild. From the lions stalking their prey to the duiker getting a drink of water at the watering hole, you’ll get a close look at how the circle of life works.

5. It Has Amazing Sunsets

If you’re love witnessing breathtaking sunsets, then this park has to be on your list of places to visit. It can even be the perfect place to go for your honeymoon.

Imagine snuggling up to your spouse and going on the ride of your life, looking at all the wildlife this African bushveld has to offer. Then, you end the day by parking and watching the sunset. It’ll truly be a trip to remember.

Visit Kruger National Park on Your Next Trip

The next time you go on vacation, you should visit Kruger National Park. Not only will you get to visit a beautiful country, but you’ll also get to experience the safari of your life.

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