If you recently had an altercation with Billy at the workplace and now he’s suing you for assault, you could be in big trouble. And this is even if you’re innocent!

Assault accusations are a serious criminal offense that you shouldn’t take lightly. They could land you in jail or cost you hefty fines. You should never assume that because you’re innocent, you’re not going to be found guilty.

Many innocent persons have been falsely accused and convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. If you’re falsely accused of any form of assault, take the following steps to protect yourself:

1. Don’t Say Anything

It’s imperative that you maintain your cool and remain silent before and even after the police arrest you. They may use anything you say against you in court. If police officers come to arrest you, don’t try to explain your side of the story or prove your innocence, especially if you have been falsely accused of sexual assault

Just remain silent and only tell your story to an attorney first. You shouldn’t even speak to family members about your narrative as they could be subpoenaed to give evidence against you. Only tell your lawyer the facts about the incident so that they can know how to defend you.

2. Hire an Experienced Attorney as Soon as Possible

So many things could go wrong from the moment you’re falsely accused to when you appear in court. Without an attorney, you’re likely to say statements that will end up incriminating you – unknowingly. Plus, if the complainant has an attorney, they may form a solid case against you by twisting the events of that day to their advantage.

Having an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney to defend you can mean the difference between your walking free or spending years in jail. They’ll help you prepare for the case and guide you, so you don’t give erroneous accounts about the incident during investigations.

3. Preserve Evidence and Document Your Case

Don’t take matters lightly after the assault accusation is made. Recall the events around the incident and write down all the crucial details you remember. If you have any physical evidence, preserve it.

Also, make a list of all potential witnesses that you could rely on to help your case. If applicable, consider getting alibis that could discredit the assault accusations. Think long and hard to make sure you give your attorney everything that could boost the strength of your case.

4. Educate Yourself

Even if you’re going to seek attorney help, you need to be informed and involved in your case. It’s always best to learn what to expect and the best ways to go about expected challenges. When your legal team tells you that it’s necessary to do ABCD, you should be able to understand why.

5. Know Your Possible Defenses

When you discuss your case with an attorney, they’ll advise you on the best defense to use. It could be that you acted in self-defense or defense of another person around you, or you’re just falsely accused because of mistaken identity.

There are many more defenses that could apply to specific your case.

Say No to Jail If You’re Falsely Accused

Don’t spend time behind bars because you’ve been falsely accused by someone who wants to ruin your reputation or revenge something. Hire a professional, experienced attorney, and prove your innocence!

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