Conducting an interview certainly isn’t brain surgery, but it is an art. The age-old craft is vital to the long-term success of an organization and requires strategy, tact as well as skill. Anyone can hold a face-to-face meeting with an exchange of pleasantries and discussion of career highlights. However, whether or not the information shared is advantageous to the hiring process depends on how the employer orchestrates and oversees the interview. While there are several approaches to administering an ideal meeting, Denver based PEO, StaffScapes, has discovered fundamental five keys to conducting a successful job interview to ensure an offer of employment is extended to a first-rate candidate.

 Below, StaffScapes highlights five steps to help employers execute an impeccable interview.

1. Time

The first key to ensuring a successful job interview is to schedule enough time. Racing against a ticking clock could affect the flow of conversation and generate unwarranted anxiety and stress. Both parties may naturally feel tenser in the formal setting, so put in the effort to create a relaxing environment. After all, a composed interview allows you to connect to your prospective team members on a more personal level.

2. Preparation

Hiring the right people for the job is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As such, interviewers should dedicate a substantial amount of time to the preparation phase.

Thoroughly review the candidate’s resume and make notes of any points you wish to discuss further or clarify during your in-person meeting. Since single-page resumes are still the norm, informational gaps may exist, so consider researching the applicant’s LinkedIn profile. Online professional identity sites enable individuals to expand on their career achievements and showcase their personalities, which might otherwise be lost on the penned page.

In short, proper preparation paints a much more vivid picture of a person before they sit in the hot seat.

3. Set the Stage

The tone of an interview is set during the first few seconds by how an interviewer introduces him/herself to the candidate. Instead of resorting to the standard remarks, personalize the greetings to alleviate any stuffiness in the air. A couple of minutes of small talk goes a long way to put nerves at ease and even encourages interviewees to be more candid and transparent.

With introductions out of the way, provide a brief overview of the company, your role, and, most importantly, the expectations and responsibilities of the open position.

4. Diverse Questions

Questions are the beating heart of any interview and should be well thought out and have a purpose — another reason to allow adequate time to prepare for the meeting.

The most helpful questions will range from factual to behavioral. While some answers will justifiably be straightforward, it’s crucial to ask open-end questions to assess critical thinking as well as problem-solving, both from an individual and team perspective.

Additionally, form a habit of active listening. Take notes throughout the conversation and ask meaningful follow-up questions based on the new information gathered.

5. Wrap-up

One of the most important keys to conducting a successful job interview is setting aside time for the interviewee to ask questions about the job and the company. This allows you to gauge their understanding of the role’s criteria as well as their level of interest in joining your team.

Wrap up the meeting by setting proper expectations for the next steps and thanking the candidate for their valuable time.

Remember, navigating the interview process shouldn’t be left to improvisation. Instead, utilize the keys to a successful job interview provided above to curate a systematic process that your staff can adapt to ensure a smooth process time after time.

About StaffScapes:

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