Experts say that you should spend 5% of your monthly income on clothing. To get this number, multiply your monthly take-home pay by .05 and you have your monthly shopping budget. 

So what should you spend that money on? Well, we have 5 things you should definitely skip on your next shopping trip. 

Keep reading for the out of style clothing trends we all need to stop wearing. 

1. Tiny Sunglasses

These sunglasses don’t look good on anyone. Their small size and weird shape make your face look comparably large. 

Plus, they do nothing for sun protection, which is always on trend. So stop wearing these useless glasses and get yourself a pair that provide some real protection. 

Instead, opt for a decent pair of wayfarers or aviators. These classic shapes flatter most face shapes and never go out of style. 

2. Boxy Crop Tops 

Let’s face it, not all of us have killer abs and can rock a crop top. Then designers went and made this limiting garment even worse by making it boxy. 

The large square shape is unflattering on the body by adding bulk and size to your shoulders and chest. So now your silhouette resembles that of a football player in his pads sans jersey. 

That isn’t a good look for anyone. 

3. Dad Sneakers 

For some reason, those super chunky, thick-soled sneakers your dad wore in the ’80s made a big comeback. Fashion decided to take on comfort in a big way. You saw these shoes everywhere from the runways of Paris to your local leaflet distribution store.

This was a short-lived trend, though, and fashionistas are quickly going back to their old ways. Leave these orthopedic-inspired sneakers to the dads and opt for a cute pair of sandals or wedges this summer season. 

4. Bell Sleeves 

The bell sleeve took over department stores in recent years, but it’s time this trend went back to where it came from, the 1970s. 

You know it’s bad when eccentric designer Betsey Johnson refers to the trend as a “stylistic free for all”. If the oversized sleeves weren’t bad enough, they were closely followed by billowy dresses and flared pants. 

Say goodbye to the oversized sleeves and start buying shirts with sleeves that fit. A nice long sleeve that fits snug is not only more flattering but also more hygienic. Those bell sleeves drag through everything

5. Mom Jeans 

This trend comes and goes like the tide. So put them in your closet, but don’t throw them away. For some reason, every few years people think they need to wear their jeans high up on their waist. 

In recent years the trend was worn in a more ironic sort of way. Although, it originated in the 80s as a “pinup style” modeled after famous silhouettes like Marilyn Monroe. 

Do you feel like a pinup in mom jeans? Neither do we. 

The out of style clothing trends we’ve listed here are just a few of the pieces of clothing that have lost their favor. Some just never really picked up enough popularity to last more than a season. 

Other trends have run their course, and now people are sick of them. Don’t worry, though, like everything else; you’ll see these trends again.  Styles matters many persons likes Christian tee shirts and sometimes people are so crazy that they went out and got Christian tee shirts instantly.

Check out our lifestyle section for more tips on fashion. 

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