Health and nutrition are booming industries with tremendous potential that is only going to grow exponentially with each passing year. As per estimations by Statista, the US health & wellness market will be worth more than 179 billion dollars by 2020. Therefore, it would be safe to say that any career path whether it is being the nutrition influencers or, any business in this sector is likely to be quite successful right now, and in the coming future.

If you have realized this fact yourself but have been a little confused about the options you have in the sector, consider the following five career options, each of which is a prospect right now, with even better prospects down the line.

Physical Therapist

There was a time when physical therapists did not make more than $50,000 – $60,000 annually, and while that salary is not exactly poor by any means, it pales in comparison to what the median and higher range salaries for physios are right now.

The average income of a physical therapist is roughly $86,500/year, which is more than double the average national income ($42,500). Experienced seniors can easily cross the $100,000 mark and earn close to or more than $120,000 as a physiotherapist.

Gym Owner

As it is with any business, it would be impossible to state how much a gym owner makes, without knowing the number of gyms he/she owns, the total number of members each gym has, the membership fees, associated businesses, etc. Nevertheless, stats show that in order to turn over a revenue of $100,000+, a gym owner only needs about 80 – 100 members in total.

CBD Business

Without a shadow of a doubt, the cannabidiol (CBD) business has blown out of all previously expected proportions, ever since the Farm Bill 2018 legalized CBD across all 50 states.

There is absolutely no way to tell how much you can earn by starting a CBD distributorship, but the potential is virtually limitless at the moment. Check out this page on US Hemp Wholesale, which offers great insight for CBD oil distributors and guides you on how to get started in the booming CBD industry.

Depending on how big your investment is, if you plan it well enough, let’s just say that the revenues can be overwhelming, in light of the fact there’s still a developing and largely untapped market out there.

Corporate Nutritionist

Modern businesses have realized that in order to boost the work performance of their employees, they need to keep them in proper health. Naturally, the need for corporate nutritionists is growing with each passing year due to that very realization.

You will, of course, need to be a qualified nutritionist first, but if you have the necessary qualifications, your job will entail managing the dietary aspects of the wellness programs which a corporation implements. You will have to work with the fitness expert to devise the wellness programs and help individual employees, if and when they need it.

You may also be asked to hold meetings and occasional seminars to educate the employees about healthy eating habits and nutrition in general.

Physical Trainer

As long as you are certified as a physical trainer, you can work with corporate houses, gyms and as a personal trainer. At most times, your income will depend on how many hours you are spending on the job and the kind of job you are spending your time on.

It’s actually a great way to get started into the industry and once you have managed to save up enough, you can start a gym of your own and become an entrepreneur.In case you are wondering why we kept purely medical professions out of this list, then that’s because health, nutrition & wellness isn’t exactly part of the medical healthcare industry. They are very closely related and interdependent, but certainly not one and the same. Besides, everyone already knows that doctors and experienced nurses make a lot of money, so there’s no point stating the obvious!

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