Coffee is one of the most highly consumed beverages in the world. While it does have some nutritional value, it definitely does not contain enough nutrients to completely replace a breakfast meal. This has not stopped people from only drinking coffee in place of an omelet.

A new emerging trend is grabbing the attention of fitness enthusiasts and non-breakfast-eaters alike: adding protein powder to delicious cups of coffee. What’s more, companies have jumped on this bandwagon and begun producing blended protein coffee drinks of their own!

Alone, coffee has more health benefits than you might realize. It contains high levels of antioxidants and some vitamins and protein.

With the addition of protein powder, coffee has the potential to become a real game changer. The benefits of the drink are enhanced, and the drawbacks are minimized as it interacts with the protein.

Protein coffee has the ability to improve your strength and endurance throughout the day, and especially during exercise training. Coffee offers energy and protein aids with strength, making the perfect combination for a pre-workout meal.

Protein coffee also has the potential to aid with weight loss! 

Protein is filling, so ingesting a good amount of it earlier in the day will reduce your desire to eat. Protein also lowers your cravings, while coffee reduces your appetite. The blend of Whey protein and coffee is particularly a good one due to a series of benefits that whey adds.

The list of benefits to drinking protein coffee goes on, and you can find out for yourself just how useful this drink can be! Here are five protein coffee blends you have to try.

1. High Brew’s Cold Brew Protein Coffee

Cold brew is trending, and High Brew knew just how to please their consumers. This cold brew protein coffee by High Brew could be just the right way to start your day!

This smooth, creamy beverage boasts a coffee-based blend filled with natural caffeine. It also contains 12 grams of protein and three grams of fiber to boost your energy and crush those cravings.

Because it is cold brew, the flavor is less bitter and smoother than the traditional cup of coffee from a k-cup or espresso machine. With its convenient can container, it is the perfect morning drink for when you are on-the-go!

There are multiple flavors to choose from to suit your needs. The espresso lover might try double espresso, while those looking for something sweet would love the salted caramel.

2. Starbucks Protein Coffee

Starbucks, one of the biggest names in the caffeinated business, is now making its own protein coffee drink! Launched near the end of 2018, the Protein Blended Cold Brew has changed the way Starbucks customers drink their coffee.

This beverage is made from pea and brown rice protein, making it a plant-based drink that draws in many customers looking for a healthy option. It is non-dairy, made with almond milk and almond butter.

With 12 grams of protein and only 270 calories, this beverage is sure to start your day off on the right foot. If you don’t enjoy the almond flavor, Starbucks does offer a cacao version of the drink as well!

This product may only be available for a short time, but have no fear! You can get a protein shot in any other Starbucks drink that suits you.

3. Complete Nutrition’s Maine Roast Protein Coffee

It is easy to take the time out to make yourself a cup of protein coffee when it tastes this good! The Maine Roast Protein Coffee from Complete Nutrition tastes great and makes you feel great, too!

Complete Nutrition tastes so good, you wouldn’t even think it was good for you. While it comes in many different flavors, the caramel frappe is my personal favorite pick-me-up after a long day. It is sweet and delicious and still contains all the best nutrients!

This powder contains high-quality Whey protein for quick protein delivery that enhances energy and lessens appetite. It is also made with real Colombian coffee beans and contains less than 100 calories per serving!

There is no added sugar, no trans fat, and it is gluten-free. Get the protein and energy boost you need with this single drink every day.

4. Chike’s High Protein Iced Coffee 

Blend up greatness with Chike’s High Protein iced coffee. In four different flavors, you can’t go wrong. Try peanut butter, mocha, vanilla, or keep it simple with original iced coffee to boost your energy and aid your strength.

Coming in at 20 grams of whey protein and caffeine equivalent to two shots of espresso, you’ll be set to survive any day of the week. You’ll especially get a boost when you work out!

With only two grams of natural sugar, you’ll enjoy a guilt-free, delicious sip for breakfast. It will help curb your hunger and is low in fat to help maintain a healthy weight.

As a bonus, this drink contains so many beneficial vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning at its best. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of drinking something so enjoyable that it is good for you, too!

5. LonoLife Kona Blend Protein Coffee Pods 

Don’t have a lot of time in the morning and need to grab your cup and run? LonoLife offers these easy to use protein coffee pods that fit in any standard Keurig machine.

These single pods contain more protein than an egg to help kickstart your day. They also contain collagen protein specifically that helps maintain healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints.

Low in fat, sodium, and sugars, these pods are a guilt-free way to boost your day. Make your mornings easy by brewing your protein coffee and heading out the door.

While protein coffee is great for keeping your energy high throughout the day, it does not always offer all the nutrients needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why taking a multivitamin daily is a great way to supplement the vitamins and minerals your body craves!

Keep yourself moving with these healthy options that boost your energy and make you feel great.

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