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5 Questions that Will Help You Choose the Right POS Software

When you’re looking for new POS software, it can be slightly overwhelming to sift through all of the various products available, reviews, features, and, of course, the varying price packages offered by POS vendors. We’ve put together this handy list of five questions you can ask yourself that will help you choose the right POS software. Keep reading to learn more! 

1. How Dysfunctional is My Inventory System?

Inventory problems have driven many businesses to switch to a POS-driven inventory management system. With real-time inventory tracking tools, these handy POS systems can help you better track and manage inventory; saving you both time and money in the long run. 

If you’re still managing inventory manually, you’re probably running into issues like miscounts or overstocking. That’s because inventory is a tricky thing; it can be difficult to plan for how much you need to order, and when. 

A POS system will also provide you with detailed sales reports, to better assist you in planning for off and on seasons. You’ll be able to estimate how much inventory you need to order and track it from order to final sale through the POS system. 

Make no mistake, inventory problems can become very costly in the long run. Finding a way to better plan and manage your inventory can help mitigate costs and, of course, relieve some of the stress associated with tracking it! Create responsive inventory management.

2. What Payment Methods Do I Accept?

With payment methods constantly changing, it’s important that your business is keeping up with the trends and is able to accept various methods. If you’re stuck collecting merely cash and running credit cards, you’re already falling behind; which can hurt your sales. 

From touchless payments to Google and Apple pay and much more, there are dozens of ways to pay on the market currently. A POS system that has no trouble running any payment method your customers have will be an incredible asset to your business, attracting customers you otherwise would have never interacted with. 

There are those customers who prefer specific payment methods and remain unduly loyal to them. These customers will actually walk away from a store that doesn’t accept said payment method, costing you precious business and a potential new connection. 

Expanding your accepted payment methods grants opportunities to reach new customers, and give your current customers a wider variety of payment choices. 

3. Does My Current POS Have a Loyalty Program Tool?

Did you know that your loyalty program can be managed directly within your software? You can track customer sales, create discount and promotions, and keep all of your customer’s information securely stored in one place. Find out if you need custom software or off the shelf software from

A customer loyalty program will help encourage loyalty among your customers by granting them the opportunity to access special promotions and discounts. Be sure to set up special events and promotions specifically for loyalty program members, not only to keep them engaged but also to encourage those customers who are not members to join. 

A “members-only” event or sale is sure to draw a crowd, sparking the interest of non-members and giving them a reason to join. Be sure to make your loyalty program appealing. A $5 coupon once per year isn’t exactly enticing. Instead, offer monthly sales or promotions or even a points system where customers can earn rewards every time they purchase an item. 

4. Does My Current POS System Have Tech Support?

How often have you run into a technical issue with your POS system, only to find the “tech support” phone number was disconnected or otherwise unhelpful? If you answered “quite a lot”, it’s probably time to update your system; and your customer service. 

Many modern POS systems have a dedicated customer service/tech support line that is available 24/7; so no matter what time of day you run into an issue, it will be resolved as quickly as possible. And, with friendly customer service staff at the ready, you’ll know the brand you’ve chosen stands behind their products. 

Ditch your old tech support system (and your old POS hardware) and bring your store into the future of payment processing. Never purchase a POS system without a tech support team behind it! 

5. What Do I Want out of My POS? 

The biggest question you should ask yourself when searching for a POS system is “what do I want from it”? If you’re only looking to process payments, you can choose a simpler POS that has fewer extras. But if you want a total overhaul to not only your POS but also your inventory management and marketing tools, you’ll want to spend the money on a more advanced system. 

Don’t forget to do your research on any brands you’re considering. Checking the customer reviews can help you to better understand how the product will function, what issues you may come across, as well as how responsive the customer support team is. 


Choosing a POS system doesn’t have to be a challenge. Keep in mind what you want from your POS system, what your old system is lacking, and what expectations you have for a customer service team. Always check the reviews to be sure the product has what you’re looking for and is approved by other users. Happy hunting, and remember, a company that doesn’t stand by its product likely doesn’t have a reputable product, to begin with!

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