Did you know that airline fatalities rose by more than 900% in 2018?

While the majority of the 4.5 Billion passengers that boarded planes arrived safe and sound, this huge rise in fatalities is an obvious cause for concern. 

What can a person do if they have been injured in an airplane accident, or worse, if they have lost a loved one?

Getting the legal support that meets their needs, even in this very specific field, is very important. If not handled by a professional legal team, personal injury cases can last a long time.

But how can you know if your legal team will meet your needs at this difficult time?

Here are the top 5 most important questions your airplane accident attorney should be able to answer.

Do Runway Incursions Really Happen?

We are familiar with airline accidents that happen due to mechanical failure. This generally takes place after takeoff and requires the plane to land quickly, or even crash land.

However, many are not aware of the rate of accidents that occur even before the plane has left the runway. There are many vehicles that use the same airport ground space as airplanes. These include baggage cars and movable staircases.

It requires a professional investigation to discern who is at fault – the airport authorities or the airline. 

If this should ever happen to you, we recommend you avail yourself of an airline accident attorney.  They can ensure that your needs and compensation are not lost in this often large, complex investigation. 

Who Leads the Investigation?

Speaking of investigations, who takes responsibility for them? If the accident takes place in the United States, there are several institutions that may be involved. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) or even the FBI may lead or share the investigation. 

These institutions take responsibility to find the reason for the crash. This may include criminal, terrorism or negligence

How Is Wrongful Death Established?

A wrongful death claim is better known to us as Negligence. Persons representing the airline may not have paid due attention to established guidelines. In this case they may be answerable to an accusation of negligence. Based on this a case of wrongful death may be established.

The relatives of the victim may then be due compensation. This is because of the pain and suffering they endured after their loss. It may even include future wage loss, not to mention fees accrued during the legal case.

Who Is Responsible?

When the plane is in the air it is the responsibility of the FAA. The US government governs this institution. It manages air traffic control and other procedures that ensure the safe flight of the airplane. 

The airline company takes responsibility for the physical airplane. This includes problems related to its physical structure, maintenance, and other testing.

Do These Principles Only Include Commercial Planes?

The principles and institutions that govern the safe flight of airplanes also cover helicopters and other light aircraft.

In the case of an accident involving a military aircraft, Military Safety Mishap Board will join in the investigation.

Why You need an Airplane Accident Attorney

Experts tell us that the number of annual airline passengers will reach 8.2 billion in the next 20 years. This highlights the incredible scale and complexity that the airline industry has reached. 

It is all too easy for one person’s loss to be forgotten amongst this huge industry. It is very important for each victim to find an airplane accident attorney that can accurately represent them.

If you want to follow up to date and accurate news regarding legal issues, follow our legal blog. It will guide you on the major legal issues that people are facing today.

Leaving you up to date and protected should the worst happen.

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