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5 Reasons Why Buying Cryptocurrency in 2019 Might Be the Best Decision You Make

Did you think that cryptocurrency was a passing fad already on its way out? Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re interested in money that exists completely independently of traditional banks, here are five reasons you should buy cryptocurrency in 2019. Which reason makes the most sense for you? Also if you want to know how best exchange works in cryptocurrency, check out this comparison on Crypto Head.

1. It’s still growing.

This year marks just one decade since cryptocurrency was introduced, and it’s still selling today on sites like In that first decade, we’ve seen the rises and falls characteristic of a brand-new market. This is expected to taper off in the future. In the meantime, you shouldn’t be turned off by a new concept finding its way; much is happening as cryptocurrency gains a secure foothold in finance.

2. Regulations will make it even more secure.

We might tend to view regulatory measures as a con. After all, the unbanked and off-the-grid have flocked to it specifically because it was unregulated. However, increasing regulations are a good sign for the future of cryptocurrency. It makes it more attractive to investors who previously felt it was too risky. Not to mention, regulations to increase security. None of this may serve subcultures who were drawn to crypto in its infancy, but like it or not, it helps bring more people into the fold.

3. It’s getting easier to use.

A few years ago, the biggest drawback some people experienced with cryptocurrency was the scant ability to use in their everyday life. However, the number of brick-and-mortar businesses accepting cryptocurrency, as well as online retailers, is not waning. Some analysts predict that all it will take for crypto to really explode will be for one more large corporate chain to start accepting it. Already, online retailers like Overstock accept it, as does Microsoft, Dish Network, and eGifter.

4. Wall Street is taking it seriously.

Yes, Wall Street is already involved. Hopefully, this will be good news for the future of cryptocurrency. Historically, cryptocurrency was just bought or sold, and if you spent a coin, it was done. But there is a line of thinking which predicts that Wall Street offering bitcoin futures could help keep crypto around. As we’ve learned, anything that makes cryptocurrency more stable in the eyes of investors is a good sign that it won’t be dropped.

5. It has a great history of recovery.

We have a tendency to overlook the bigger picture when a crash occurs. This is the case with many people who believe crypto won’t last. But the truth is, cryptocurrency has exhibited a phenomenal ability to snap back. In fact, following crashes which saw its value drop by half, it has made a full recovery in less than one year. This kind of bounce back is certainly nothing to sniff at.  
Is there still any risk? Of course, even with blockchain’s growing popularity. Even so, cryptocurrency definitely merits a watchful eye, as its growth, expanding dependability, and resiliency are all good signs which point toward longevity. In the end, the more traditional financial constructs embrace it, the greater the likelihood it’s here to stay.

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