About 6,000 burglaries take place across the United States every single day. That’s 2 million in a year. When you juxtapose this against the population of the US (more than 320 million people), the number of burglaries seems like a tiny number. Many people are fortunate to never have had their home broken into.

If your home has never been visited by an intruder, it may be understandable that you consider a home security system an unnecessary expense. However, there are many benefits of a security system that should compel you to invest in one. Before you start visiting security system review sites such as HomeSecuritySeek, understand the reasons we cover below.

  1. Secure Your Family and Belongings

If you are lucky, a thief will come, pick what they want and leave. It will cost you to replace your TV, laptop, and any other item they get away with (in the event that those aren’t covered by insurance). However, a burglary can also go horribly wrong with consequences that cannot be reversed. People have been stabbed, shot, raped, strangled, or otherwise maimed for life.

And it’s not just bodily harm that may be irreversible. Think about family heirlooms and other collectible items that are impossible to replace if they were stolen. So instead of leaving the safety of your home and family to chance, installing a security system is the way to go.

  1. Remote Monitoring

If you are someone who frequently leaves your home unattended for days or weeks on end due to work travel, you’ll always have that nagging unease as you wonder whether your house is safe while you are away.

Thanks to the indoor and outdoor cameras that a good home security system comes equipped with, you can have the ability to keep tabs on your property no matter where in the world you are. You may even be able to initiate certain actions remotely such as switching on the outdoor lights.

Simply knowing that the things you’ve worked so hard to acquire are safe will give you the priceless peace of mind.

  1. Discounted Insurance Premiums

Owning a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime. It would be unfathomable if an incident occurred that saw an investment you’ve probably saved for over decades go up in smoke or suffer irreparable damage. That’s why homeowner insurance is not an option. And insurance is another reason you need a home security system.

The amount of insurance premium you pay is dependent on the insurance company, location, coverage, payment options, type of home, and several other factors. Many insurance firms provide a sizeable discount on premiums for homes that have a security system fitted.

  1. Fire Protection

When most of us think about residential security systems, we usually see it as a way of protecting our property from unauthorized entry. What a good number of us do not realize is that security systems can keep you safe from fire too.

Fire is actually a far bigger threat to your property, possessions, and loved ones than a burglary. It can completely obliterate investment and memories that took your decades to create. So you will be glad to know that a home security system can serve as a smoke detector and early warning system for fire.

Some security systems have a heat detector as well which can alert you when there’s an unusual change in the expected temperature of a room.

  1. Medical Emergency

Not only have families grown smaller over the years but people are living longer. Some senior citizens will eventually find themselves living alone in their home. Without anyone else in the house to help them when they suffer a medical emergency, this presents a real risk to their life.

Some home security systems are equipped with medical alert pendants or emergency levers that can be pulled to notify emergency services when there’s an urgent need for help.
While the reasons for a home security system are clear, not all home security systems are created equal. Perform a home security risk assessment and pick a system that best meets your need.

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