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5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Jacksonville, FL

For anyone debating whether or not Jacksonville, Florida might be the right city to move to, here is a list of some great reasons you should consider this Bold City.


Jacksonville is great for going to the beach. No matter where you go in Jacksonville, there is going to be a beach for you to visit. There are a lot of different waterways and stunning Florida shores. If you’re into sightseeing, there are a numerous amount of piers in Jacksonville, FL that are easily accessible. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, there are several sunset cruises to reserve. In other words, if you love the water, Jacksonville is a place that you are going to love.

Furthermore, you can have the ability to soak in the sun and sand most of the year. You can find white and sandy beaches that are not going to be crowded. Some of the main beaches in Jacksonville are Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Neptune Beach. Each beach has their own personality. You’re welcome to ride your bike, join a beachside yoga class, and more! Note, however, that certain beaches have guidelines about allowing dogs on the beach, so make sure you know the rules before taking your pup for a swim! 


Jacksonville is a great place for the whole family to do things together. There is the Cummer Arts Museum, Museum of Science and History, fun water parks like Adventure Landing, and pop up farmers markets. There is something for all ages to enjoy. Jacksonville is also conveniently located about two hours from Disney World in Orlando. If you have more questions about how this city is perfect for the family, contact the local moving company in Jacksonville to learn more. 


Jacksonville is great for people who love food. The city is known for having unique flavors, internationally renowned chefs, and a thriving culinary scene. If you have a craving for a specific cuisine, chances are that you’ll be able to find it in Jacksonville. Due to the city’s prime location to the sea, you can also find an abundance of delicious fresh seafood that is expertly cooked and highly rated. 


Jacksonville is in a prime location for day trips. Looking to travel to Orlando, St. Augustine, or Savannah? Each of these great cities are roughly two hours away. Most other large cities average about four to six hours away by car, which makes it easy for a long weekend trip. Alternatively, if you’re looking to hop on a cruise or fly out of town, there are local hangers and ports that are a convenient drive away. 


If you’re looking to settle into a good community, there are several to choose from. Jacksonville is spread out into a few different areas such as Riverside, San Marco, Orange Park, Jax Beach, and more. Each of these locations has its own unique personality and sense of community. Some places are more ideal for small families while others are great for college students. It helps to know what kind of community you’re looking for when deciding to move to Jacksonville. But, once you get here, you’ll fit right in!

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