Consumers are spending more than ever according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That simple truth is great news for your organization.

The more consumers spend the more money that you stand to make. That is of course if you can make consumers aware of the fact that you exist.

Therein lies the value of marketing. Here’s the thing though… Marketing to today’s consumer has become hard.

Not only are consumers desensitized to many means of advertising but there’s also so much ad competition out there that it can be hard to outbid big companies that are paying for traffic in your niche.

So then, what’s the solution?

In our opinion, to get your brick-and-mortar store’s brand on the map, you should be leveraging geofencing marketing.

Here’s Why…

1. Geofencing Marketing Makes a Lot of Sense

For the uninitiated geofencing marketing is when ads are serviced to consumers based on their location. This video explains how that works.

What you need to know right now and what a lot of our next few geofencing benefits will revolve around is this:

Geofencing allows you to target people that are actually in a physical position to engage with your brick-and-mortar store. That simple reality is incredibly powerful when it comes to making your marketing dollars work.

2. Make Perks Valuable

We’ve all tried to get customers to take action by shooting them a text message offering them 20% off of a purchase. Why that strategy fails is because chances are, your lead doesn’t want to shop right now and when they do want to shop, they’re not in a position to shop with you.

On the other hand, with geofencing, your brand can see that a potential customer is in the vicinity during lunchtime and you could then offer them 20% off of pizza in your restaurant.

That’s marketing that converts!

3. Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Just got a local customer to come into your restaurant for discounted pizza via geofencing? Great!

Now push the same customer a discounted ice cream coupon that’ll work with that parlor you’re working with up the street.

Your customer will love that they’re saving money and you’ll enjoy referral bonuses.

4. Avoid Getting Lost in the Digital Shuffle

We’re not big fans of dropping big ad spends to push our brand on social media. The reason why is that there’s too much opportunity to pay for customers online that can’t convert.

If you’re going to pay a dollar for every time some person haphazardly clicks on your ad and then clicks away, you’re going to go broke fast.

On the other hand, if you target buyers that you know are local, you know they have the potential to convert.

Geofencing marketing allows you to connect with those higher value leads.

5. Geofencing is Built For Mobile

Just about every consumer in America has a mobile phone. Geofencing marketing is built to engage with mobile phones.

Need we say more?

Wrapping Up Why You Should Use Geofencing Marketing for Your Brand

If you’re looking for a unique means of marketing to make your brand stand out amongst all of today’s advertising clutter, geofencing marketing is the way to go.

It’s built for mobile. It’s built for the future. It’s built to get you conversions.

Those facts should build a strong enough case for you to dabble in it.

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