Some people spend as much as $5,000 on their new mattress knowing that they are an important purchase that they will use every day.

But there are plenty of mattresses in the $1,000 range that can fit your needs and save you a little cash. The key is selecting one that makes sense for the way you sleep and your health ailments.

Check out these mattress buying tips to learn how to save some money and still find a great bed.

1. Decide How Firm You Like It

When you visit a mattress store, they usually divide the beds up based on how firm they are. But unfortunately, there is no standard measurement that is used between companies to represent how firm a bed is.

That means that the term, firm, is pretty relative. So make sure you try out several different mattresses from a variety of different makers before you make your selection.

If you have a bad back, you may have heard that you need an extra firm mattress, but know that many people find soft mattresses to still be more comfortable long term.

2. Consider a Pillowtop

A pillowtop is a simple way to add a bit of comfort to your mattress choice, but they can also be quite costly.

Consider how long you plan to have the mattress and how often someone will be sleeping on it. A pillowtop can go flat and can become uncomfortable over time. You may be better off purchasing a removable option.

3. Consider the Height You Desire

One of the biggest considerations people don’t think about when they first purchase a bed is how high off the ground it will be.

If you have dogs or kids that like to share your bed, you may prefer a lower option. And if you have back problems, you may prefer a higher option that is easier to roll in and out of.

4. Know All of Your Options

There are so many choices when it comes to the kind of mattress you want. There are ones with springs, ones made of memory phone, ones specifically designed to keep you cool in the night, and hybrid options meant to take advantage of multiple features. Do your research and make the choice that makes sense for your needs.

5. Choose a Mattress With a Warranty

No matter how much you think you will like a bed, it’s hard to know if you will until you have slept on it for awhile.

That’s why this unique mattress comes with a 35-day sleep great guarantee. This tip is particularly important if you are buying a mattress for someone else like a Mother’s Day present.

Beyond Mattress Buying Tips

The mattress buying tips you learned in this post can help you choose an option that will bring you comfort but won’t break your budget.
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