While travelling may be a passion or just another hobby for you, every journey that you take up may come up with several bittersweet memories.

And while you may welcome the sweet ones, you must also be prepared for the bitter part. Visit here to see travel safety by city guidelines.

One of the bitter experiences that you may have to come across is being attacked. Big reason to worry.

But that’s not the end. With the right mindset, presence of mind and the following tips, you will be able to secure yourself against many such dangers.

So, don’t panic. Read and practice the following tips and you will find confidence and safety.

1. Be a Traveler, Be a Wanderer, But Don’t Be Lost

This doesn’t mean that you can’t lose your way inside a new city. That’s natural. Who is that good with roads anyway?

The point is that you must be aware of what you have to do if any problem persists. And why’s that important?

Well, consider this.

You are travelling through a new city, feeling so lost that you can’t walk a mile without asking the locals for something or the other. Everyone will figure out that you are here for the first time — which means you are an easy target for robbers and other criminals.

Your best bet? Before you leave your hotel, plan all your moves. Plan where you are heading first. What you will do after that. Carry a city map if your GPS isn’t working. And carry everything else that you may need when you are out.

It may be fine and fun to interact with the locals, but it’ll be better not to reveal that you are new to that place.

2. Be Confident

The world knows that criminals across the globe have one thing in common. They all go for the easiest targets.

So, how to be safe? Don’t come off as a shy teenager exploring the world. Now that you are travelling for leisure, own the fact. Be confident when you talk, walk and travel. And educate yourself as much as you can about the city and its crimes.

3. Respect the Locals and Their Customs

The last thing you’d want to get into is “a fight with the locals in a new city”.

Reason? First, you are new to the place; they aren’t. In most cases, they’ll unite up against you.

Secondly, some people take their traditions and customs very seriously, and if you offend, things may get heated up.

So, do yourself a favour. Respect the locals and their customs to steer clear from such inconvenient situations.

4. Learn Some Useful Moves

If you ever get face to face with an attacker, you may give away your belongings to save your life, but you can never know if they have any ulterior motives.

To keep yourself safe from such physical dangers, it’ll be good if you train yourself some useful moves.

For this, you can take self-defence lessons. Otherwise, find as much help that you can find on YouTube and try practising some mild moves with a friend to build confidence.

5. Be Equipped

No matter how hard you train, it may not always be possible to control the attackers for long. That’s where equipment will come in handy.

A police hobble, or an electric taser, or a pair of handcuffs, get anything or everything. These will protect you in most criminal situations.

Final words

As you are planning to travel and explore the world, you need to be prepared against crimes that may cross your way.

Aiding the same, in this post, we talked about five useful self-defence tips to enjoy your travel experiences safely.

Hopefully, this helped you.

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