Ever get the feeling that your stuff owns you? Did you know that there are around 300,000 items in an average home?

Be honest with yourself — do you need all of that junk? You might be holding out hope that you’ll use these items “someday”, but in the meantime, it’s taking up your space.

It’s not just taking up physical space. It’s also cluttering up your mind, which might cause stress.

There also comes a point when it’s gone beyond simple clutter and becomes a hazard. Here are five signs you’ve to cross that line and need a rubbish removal service immediately. 

1. You’ve Created “No Go” Zones — with Junk

No matter how big your home is, if it’s filled with junk, you shrink it from the inside. Stacking stuff you don’t use from floor to ceiling and making rooms “off limits” is a good sign your clutter is out of control.

The garage is a typical catch-all for junk. When you’re not able to park your car in there because it’s full of junk, you need to get serious about throwing stuff out. Rubbish Removal Portsmouth suggests you to hire professional help in this situation so you can get done with the junk in no time and you will not have to do it yourself.

2. Insects Move In and Get Comfy

Bugs love being warm in dark spaces. A room filled with useless items is practically insect paradise.

Roaches, ants, and other creepy crawlies aren’t just gross, they can also make you sick. Visit samedayrubbishremovalmelbourne.com.au to clear out your rubbish fast and keep your house clean.

3. It Starts to Stink

Your items start to pile up. You promise yourself that you’ll get to it “someday”.

Tackling a pile of junk is intimidating, but what’s worse is when it starts to smell. Mould, dust, dirt, and moisture build up in stuff that’s been sitting around and makes it stink.

Don’t make the stench feel welcome in your home. Get rid of your stuff and clean up any rooms that have a less than pleasant smell.

4. You Don’t Have People Over

This is a clue that’s easy to miss. There are two signs that your house is too full of trash.

One sign is that people are reluctant to come over to your place. The other is that you don’t want people over because it’s too messy.

If either of these things has kept you from having friends over, it’s a big sign you need to clean house.

5. You Won’t Buy New Things

A house full of out-of-control clutter is like a black hole. Anything you buy gets sucked into the big piles of junk you’ve got laying around.

Have you hesitated to bring home something new, even if you really needed it? Rubbish disposal gets rid of the old so you can have something new.

It’s Time for Rubbish Removal

We know — our items have a lot of emotional weight in them. It can seem like the big mountain of stuff is too much to tackle.

Rubbish removal helps you live a healthy, stress-free life. Plus, you’ll know the items in your home are there because you really need them and want them.

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