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5 Things To Consider If You Are Thinking About Moving Abroad

These days, the world is a much smaller place and the global employment market is becoming more accessible to everyone. It’s not crazy to think that you could be offered a job overseas.

It’s common to move to another state but moving abroad is taking it to the next level!

Before a big move, there are some things to think about before taking the plunge. We put together five of the most important ones.

Cultural Changes & Adapting To A New Lifestyle

The culture shock can be the biggest challenge in moving to another country.

Many similarities have starting appearing in the global community but the devil’s in the details. Little things can be wildly different and difficult to understand at first.

You should be ready to learn a new language, even if you work for an English speaking company. It will make things a lot easier for you, whether it’s reading signs or communicating with your local community.

As well as the language, local customs like by-laws and traffic regulations can be different. For example, countries in the Middle East generally have restrictions on alcohol that you might not have in your home country. You should look into these before you move to avoid any problems.

How Your Kids Will Adapt

Any move can be difficult for kids but a move out of the country could be particularly difficult,

Adapting to a new culture, not being able to visit friends and maybe not even speaking the same language as the people around them are huge hurdles for children to jump over, particularly if they weren’t keen on moving in the first place!

Take the time to show them the great things about where you’re moving to. If you frame it as an adventure and give them time to see the good in their new home, they’ll come around.

How Long You Are Looking To Stay & What To Expect On Return

The length of time you live and work abroad can affect things like your savings, your pension and your medical insurance.

Make sure that any new foreign pensions you receive can be combined with your other pensions, or can be used and claimed back home.

In terms of your healthcare, check if you will still be entitled to things like Medicare once you reach the age of 65. You need to have 40 credits, each being a quarter of a year. This works out to about ten years of working in the US.

Most people will still qualify but it’s best to check. Get in touch with an expert agent, such as The Medicare Store who will be able to give you specific advice on whether or not you are eligible.

Your Financial Commitments

You should get in touch with all savings, bank account and investment providers you have and let them know you’re moving out of the country.

Taking this step avoids your accounts getting frozen or closed, since this can sometimes happen if your banks can’t get a hold of you. Don’t skip this step!

Your House At Home

If you’re committing to living abroad for several years, you should think about what to do with the home you’re leaving behind.
Is it worth selling your home so that you have more money for moving away? Or would you prefer to return to your home when you move back? If the second option sounds good, you could think about renting it out in your absence.

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