Need help designing an outdoor deck for your house this summer? If so, look no further, as we know all the building secrets for decks.

An outdoor deck is a structure built in the front or back patio area of a house. In a deck, you can do everything from socializing with your neighbors, family, and friends to relaxing and enjoying the sun by yourself.

To ensure that you build the perfect deck for your home, we are providing you with 5 tips that will help you build a deck that is compatible with your lifestyle.

Get ready to have the most popular hangout space amongst your friends this summer!

Decks Building Tip #1: Include Personal Design Elements

When designing a deck for your home, it’s important to make sure that it reflects you. One way to do this is to have personal design elements embedded within the design of the deck. For example, if you love gardening, have a gardening container in your deck.

Another example would be having a grill in your deck because you love to barbecue. You can even take it a step further by having an entire kitchen set up in your deck.

Deck Building Tip #2: Design Deck with Amount of Space Needed for Outdoor Activities You Enjoy

The unspoken rule for decks is that they should not be more than 20% the size of the house they are attached to. Although this rule is practical, if your lifestyle behooves you to break it, do so. 

One way to make a larger than life deck practical is to divide it up into different rooms, or sections. That way you can designate a purpose for each “room” in the deck. For example, one room in the deck can be the kitchen and barbecue area.

Another room in the deck can be the mingling area. You can even have an area designated the relaxation area just for you. Having different pathways built within a deck can also help bring practicality to an oversized deck.

Deck Building Tip #3: Design a Deck That Fits Your House Esthetic

It’s important to design a deck that makes sense with the design of your home. For example, if having a railing on the side of where a deck would be at your home blocks the ideal outdoor view, you should have thin or glass railings installed.

Another way to solve a railing problem is to have the railing lowered. If your deck is below the required local code of height for a railing in your area, you do not even need a railing.

Another example of a design decision you should make based on your home’s esthetic is whether or not to have a pergola. A pergola is a roof-like garden or deck feature that creates shade.

A pergola roof is usually a wooden lattice. To get the most use out of your pergola, have it along with the deck built on the part of your home where the sun shines most.

Deck Building Tip #4: Make the Deck Have Your Sense of Style

Knowing your deck materials is essential to learning how to design a deck with your sense of style. If you like the natural, rustic look, get wooden materials for your deck. The only down to wooden deck materials is that they are high maintenance.

Other ways to create a natural look for decks is to utilize stones, bricks, and pavers. Having these natural materials next to a deck-patio is ideal for someone with a natural, rustic style.

If you do not care for the natural, rustic look, you can find out more about other materials outside of wood. For example, many people use composites and PVC to build their home deck. Although more expensive than wood, these materials require less maintenance.

Deck Building Tip #5: Make a Deck Functional

One way to make decks functional is to use stainless-steel or coated screws. This is because stainless-steel and coated screws resist corrosion. By resisting corrosion, these screws extend the life of decks.

One way to make large decks more functional is to vary their geometry. You do this by having different levels in the decks.

What Is the Perfect Deck for Your Lifestyle?

Now that you understand all the different ways to specialize decks, it is time to decide what type of deck best fits your home. Whether it is a natural, rustic looking deck with a wooden pergola or an oversized luxurious looking deck with varying geometry and different sections, the decision is up to you.

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