Clothes make the man. Wherever you go, the first impression always comes from your dressing. The dressing should always befit the occasion. Choose formal attire for a formal occasion and a casual one for a friendly get together. The color, texture, and design contribute to the quality of your suit, but perhaps the most important is the fit of the suit. A suit of the best color combination and finest quality material goes waste if it is not of the right fit.

Loose-fitting clothes can give a baggy appearance and a tight fit can make you look squeezed out.  A perfect-fitting will make the suit hug the body without giving any awkwardness. You need the help of a professional tailor like Alteration Specialists to get your clothes altered for your body type with the perfect fit.

How do you find the right tailor for your suits and shirts?

Finding the right tailor is not an easy task. There are a number of mediocre tailors who end up doing more harm than good. Before you hand out your suit to a tailor, there are a few things to satisfy yourself with so that you don’t end up being disappointed. After all, it involves time, money and also your loved dresses.

  • Comfort level: Choose a tailor or seamstress who makes you comfortable. A friendly rapport is very important in this. It makes the tailor give special attention to your dresses due to the possibility of repeated business and the comfort level can give you the freedom to approach him with your concerns and suggestions so that you get the suit that you have in mind.
  • Do not go for a cheap-looking store. Of course, prices can be cheap. But the appearance of the store matters. If the owner is not bothered about keeping his store neat and impressing the customers, the question remains how far he would put an effort into his customer’s orders. Shabby looking stores are best to be avoided.
  • Get your measurements taken physically. Visit the store and get the tailor to take your measurements physically. When you give any of your suits for measurements or send the measurements you have taken previously the fit might not come correctly. A good tailor will have to see you and take the measurements so that your body is highlighted in the right way. Also, the previous measurements you have might have changed due to changes in your body weight. So find time to visit the store for getting the measurements.
  • Keep yourself in good shape. Your clothes will look better on you if you are in good shape. So hit the gym or take some mild exercise to get rid of that unwanted fat.

New York is a place where there is no dearth for quality tailors. Alteration Specialists is among the leading alteration tailors in New York with wide experience to handle any type of alteration requirements. Quality tailors will take pride in seeing their customers look perfect in their clothes.

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