At the Speed of Light: 5 Undeniable Benefits of Fiber Cable Internet

It is estimated that a quarter of the United States now has fiber cable internet, with that number set to rise steadily.

However, how much do we really know about the benefits of fiber optic technology? For business owners, it can be difficult to determine whether the potential benefits are enough to justify having it installed.

Read on as we look at five of fiber cable internet’s biggest advantages, and how they might apply to you.

1. Speed

In any discussion about broadband services, one of the foremost considerations will always be speed.

Speed is also probably fiber optic internet’s biggest selling point. It is now widely agreed that fiber optic connections are comfortably faster than even the best copper connections.

Because of the larger bandwidth it allows for, fiber optic maintains these high speeds even for big uploads and busy networks.

2. Future-Proof

This is another of fiber cable internet’s best-known advantages.

Because fiber optic connections are easily scaled when compared to alternative connection types, capacity is much more easily altered. This means that businesses can continually assess their requirements and easily make the necessary changes.

Therefore, if your business has large growth potential, this advantage of fiber cable internet is particularly relevant to you.

3. Reliability

Fiber optic cable is physically very resilient. Properly installed, a fiber optic connection will last for decades.

Unless the cable is cut, fiber optic connections are unlikely to suffer severe damage. This feature also means that the time and money spent on maintenance of fiber optic cable over its lifespan will be lower than with other types of connection.

4. Cost

For business owners, this is obviously the bottom line. No advantage of fiber cable internet will justify it if it isn’t cost-effective.

Initial costs can be high. Fiber optic cable is more complex to install than other types of internet connection, which drives up costs.

However, this expense will even out in the medium to long term.

As noted above, fiber optic cable requires relatively little maintenance. It also needs less networking hardware than other types of connection.

This means that if fiber cable internet is a long-term investment, it’s likely to actually work out cheaper for your business.

If cost is an issue for you, you’ll want a streamlined soution. Learn more about tailored network solutions today!

5. Security

With cyber crime a constantly growing threat for businesses nowadays, security is another major concern when it comes to internet connection.

While tapping is statistically quite rare on copper or coax lines, it is still possible. With fiber optic cables, however, your data cannot be intercepted in this way, as to do so would require the hacker to cut the wire, which would immediately disable the system.

Fiber Cable Internet: Is it for You?

By now, you should have a good idea of the benefits of fiber cable internet and whether you need it.

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