Nobody likes to feel that their hard work goes unappreciated. In fact, 66% of employees say they would likely leave their job if they felt undervalued.

That means if you want to keep your top employees, you need to make them feel like the rockstars they are.

Since your employees go above and beyond for you, make employee appreciation more than a simple “thank you.” Let’s look at 5 unique ways you can recognize their hard work.

1. Make It Public

Hearing “thank you” is great, but having it said in front of everyone puts it on a whole new level. Publicly acknowledging your employees is a great way to motivate and make them feel valued.

Give shout-outs at your next office meeting. Post employee appreciation on your social media pages. You can even send out an email blast to the entire company.

Not only do employees love the recognition in front of their co-workers, but announcements are also easy and free!

2. Loosen the Reins

Your employees work hard for you, putting in long hours and going the extra mile to close deals. Why not show them your appreciation by letting them relax a bit?

Start casual Fridays for the office dress code. Let someone who has gone above and beyond go home a few hours early. Or better yet, give them a day off!

If you want to take it a step further, let deserving employees choose a day of the week where they can work from home.

3. Make It Plaque Official

Receiving a trophy has been a long-standing recognition tradition. While you can’t give your employees the World Cup, you can give personalized office awards to show your appreciation.

Present a plague your employee can hang on their office wall. Corporate awards such as a glass trophy look great on a desk. Or give personalized office accessories such as a crystal paperweight.

Companies like Anderson Trophy give you many options and designs to choose from, making it easy to get something your employees will cherish.

4. Give Unique Gifts

It’s easy to hand out gift cards for employee appreciation but take it one step further. Find out what your employees like and make it personal to each person.

Keep a list of their favorite treats and hand them out randomly to say thanks. If they like sports or movies, get them tickets to their favorite event.

Giving it extra thought will show you care about your employees’ interests.

5. Celebrate with Food

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like free food. A favorite way to say thanks is to celebrate with something yummy.

Order pizza for an office party or bring in a big cake. Have a company barbecue on a day with gorgeous weather. Or let everyone bring a dish in for an office potluck.

If you’d rather it be more one-on-one, take your recognized employees out to lunch. It’s a great way to get to know them better and give everyone a break from the office.

Go Above and Beyond with Employee Appreciation

Your employees work hard for you, do the same with your employee appreciation. By using these tips, you can say “thank you” in a way they will cherish forever.

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