Legal teams are going to run into trouble in 2020 when it comes to bolstering their client portfolios. Why? Because competition is going to be more rampant than ever.

In the United States, we’ve got over 1.3 million practicing attorneys. That’s 15% more than where we were at 10 years ago.

How is it that firms are going to be able to cut through all of that clutter and continue down the path of growth?

The answer is simple. Start cooking up unique lawyer marketing ideas and implement the best ones that you come up with so you can get a foothold in market opportunity before your competitors do.

Not sure where to start with your legal marketing? Here are 5 ideas that we think are worth prioritizing.

1. Lean on Free, No-Pressure Consultations

People are intimidated by lawyers. No matter how approachable you think you are, assume that prospective clients worry that you’re too smart for them and too expensive.

To alleviate some of that pressure, in all of your marketing campaigns, include the message that talking to you is 100% free and conversations have no pressure attached to them.

If you can hit home that message, you’re going to get your phones ringing.

2. Let Past Clients Drive Your Brand Story

People that need legal help have a hard time identifying with lawyers who to them, appear to be successful and not grounded in the average person’s problems.

Who prospective clients do associate with are past clients.

Consequently, whenever executing marketing campaigns, share your past client’s experiences, or better yet, have them share their experiences.

Creating conditions where prospective clients can see themselves in the people that you’ve helped will inspire them to take action.

3. Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Many injury lawyer websites, criminal lawyer websites, etc. look the same. They sport drab colors and have a ton of text to read that frankly, people aren’t interested in.

What are prospective clients interested in when clicking onto a legal website?

They’re interested in you, what cases you cover, how much you charge and how to contact you.

Take those 4 elements and feature them prominently and concisely on your homepage. Make sure that your contact box and anything that communicates your consultations being free are more prominently featured than everything else.

4. Break into Your Local Market’s World

If you predominately help Hispanic people in your community that have personal injury claims, start getting active in those communities.

Sponsor community sports teams. Help out with local churches. Do whatever else you can to build trust in your market.

Your efforts will more than pay for themselves in the way of getting more cases on your desk.

5. Start a Media Empire

YouTube videos. Podcasts.

Rich media like that where people can get to know you better and see your legal expertise can do wonders for building your online credibility and getting people in the door.

Lawyers don’t do media-creation enough so this often-neglected lawyer marketing ideas suggestion is where we think there’s huge opportunity to blaze trails.

Wrapping Up Our Lawyer Marketing Ideas

Did our lawyer marketing ideas strike you as helpful? If they did, start implementing your favorite suggestions now.

If you’re still looking for more marketing inspiration, head back to our blog directory and check out more of the free tips and advice that we have to offer.

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