Keeping your lawn well-maintained requires effort and quite a bit of money. Now, if you see a flock of geese wreaking havoc upon your tidy yard, it’s natural to get a bit riled up.

However, there’s no reason to stress because we can recommend some easy tips to get these geese off your yard.

Simple Tips to get geese off your lawn

Geese pick sites based on two factors that are food and safety. So, if you have lush grass growing in your lawn, you’ll find more geese flocking to your lawn. Because they love grass.

Also, they appreciate open spaces, hence, the more manicured your lawn is, the more geese are attracted to it. And, no we’re not trying to suggest that you let the Amazon grow in your yard.

This is what gets the geese to your yard. Now, we can tell you what will keep them off.

Eco-Friendly Geese Repellent

Flight Control Plus is a proven effective chemical repellent that keeps geese off your lawn. It is eco-friendly and humane. That means that it doesn’t damage the well-being of the animals, your family or the environment.

It manages to keep your lawn clean and geese-free. Flight Control is easy to apply, doesn’t get washed off by rainfall or irrigation, and stays after several mowings. There is no unpleasant odor, and it is very affordable.

Another aspect of having geese in your lawn is that the goose droppings don’t just look awful, it can be slippery and dangerous too. So, Flight Control gets rid of the core issue, getting geese off your yard.

Avoid Feeding The Geese

It’s the kind thing to do to feed animals. However, if your property is identified by a flock of geese as a good source of food, then your problems can multiply very quickly.

So, don’t feed the geese or you will find more birds coming to your yard every day.

Set up Decoys To Scare Away The Geese

Certain objects such as a plastic dead goose or fake alligator heads can scare away geese. Swivels work well too. However, these do tend to lose their effectiveness after a while.

Geese adapt easily. And, very quickly get used to the decoys.

Use Dogs To Scare The Geese Away

Often certain breeds of dogs are trained to keep trespassers off the property, including geese. The only thing to be careful about is that your dog should be trained to scare the geese away, rather than hurt them.

This is especially important if the geese are nesting, or raising their young.

Use Sounds To Scare The Geese Off

Loud sounds are known to scare away geese. Air horns, clanging sounds or even the sound of our voice is enough.

The only thing to remember is that geese get used to sounds just as quickly as well. So, alternate the sound you use each time.

The Conclusion

We’ve given you several options about how to keep geese off lawn. The best-fix to your little geese problem is Flight Control Plus.

With Flight Control Plus, you can be sure that you aren’t hurting an animal, the environment, or even your pocket to keep your lawn all spruced up.

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