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5 Ways to Spoil Your Boyfriend so He Will Spoil You

Your boyfriend – he’s a great guy that works hard and takes care of you, and you are probably wondering what you can do to spoil him and make him feel the love that you have for him. Not to worry – there are plenty of ways to make sure that your guy knows exactly how you feel and for you to do so in a bunch of different ways. Treating your guy is pretty easy and you can make him feel like the king of the world by doing just a few different things.

As always with spoiling your guy, this could lead to some great times in the bedroom, or outside of it, if that’s your preference. Here are some ways to get his engine revved.

Spoil Him with Food

Look – men are not too complicated and there are few things that guys enjoy more than a great meal. But how do you spoil your guy with the same meal over and over? The thing is, everyone gets tired of a favorite, so sometimes you have to go off the board. This is not a bad thing – actually, if you are someone who loves to cook, this is an awesome challenge. There are a few routes to go.

If your guy has a sweet tooth, there are plenty of different things at home that are easy to make to satisfy his craving for sweets. You can use dark chocolate to do the trick – it has a great ability to release a lot of the hormones that control lust. 

Another thing you can do is take him out to his favorite restaurant. You can dress up in his favorite outfit and stimulate his eyes while he enjoys his favorite steak or seafood. Sometimes though, there’s nothing quite like getting takeout and getting right down to things.

Spoil Him with Pleasure

There is nothing quite like pushing the boundaries in the bedroom. When you go the extra mile, he will certainly feel like you are that much more into him. There are many different ways to go about this. Do you both have a particular fetish or fantasy? This would be a great way to act it out. Surprise him when he comes home – that’s one type of a pick-me up that any guy would be hard pressed to not enjoy. Whether it is something as simple as being the “nurse” or the St. Pauli Girl, this is the type of thing that every guy will enjoy – and by extension, you will too.

Give His Senses Proper Spoiling

We all know that there are few things that are as fun and relaxing as a great bath. Your guy is probably not one who would think a bath is a great way to be spoiled – that is until he gets in the tub. One of the best bath arrangements is frankincense and orange because that will give his immune system a boost. If you have a big tub, surprise him by joining him in the tub. A great thing to do is to wait until he’s relaxed and then make an appearance. 

Another way to spoil him, if a bath is not an option is with the shower. There are few things that make men tingle like a touch in the right place. Washing him while gently caressing is something that is sure to carry over long after the shower has finished. At that point, he is most definitely stimulated and then some. 

Spoil Him with Brilliant Simplicity

There are so few things that can go as far as a simple scalp massage. The top of the head is very sensitive and people who are into reflexology will tell you that a scalp massage is something that will stimulate a man in many different ways. The key for a good scalp massage is pressure, ask your guy what feels good and once you find the sweet spot, he is relaxed and enjoying the moment. Make sure that you rub his temples, use firm pressure from your thumb on the back of his head, give him a firm but gentle pinch up the nape of his neck and also be sure that you are massaging his scalp in short, concentric circles.

Now, if you enjoy massages, there are plenty of great options for your guy. Men like a good firm massage. You may think you’re applying too much pressure, but rest assured, your not. 

Spoil Your Man with a Vibrator

Now, this may seem a bit counterintuitive but there is something to it. Vibrators are something that can definitely stimulate men and take the action between you to a whole new level. One of the best parts about a good vibrator like the Crescendo is that you can use this as a massager. The best way to go about this is to start up high and work your way down low, to the erogenous zones. 

Now, here’s why the Crescendo is a great option – this vibrator is completely malleable. You can curve it in several ways that can give him pleasure depending on his preferences. One of the best ways for a woman to spoil her man is to wrap the Crescendo around his penis when erect while you take care of him with your hands or your mouth. This is a great way to let him know how much he is loved by you.


There are so many different ways that your man can be shown how much you love him, and the good news is the only thing that limits you is creativity. Use your imagination to stimulate his. There are so many different ways that your guy will repay you as well. One of the best things about spoiling your guy is that it will come back to you. Now, granted, that’s not why you spoil him, but that surely is one of the great benefits of it. Let him know you love him by giving him a great time.

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