6 Essential Skills You Need as an Office Administrator – For 2019

The job of office administrator is a crucial one and within it, there are certain skills that are essential if you want to get that job or that promotion to the role.  While every job will have its own specific requirements, these skills are ones that will always stand up well for administration jobs of all kinds.

Communication skills

One of the first things you will be taught when going through Administration Training Courses is that the key soft skill for office administrators is communication skills.  This is the ability to manage people including employees, your boss, other management and also clients, customers or other companies.  Communication is about more than just speaking though – it incorporates listening and written communications. You also need to be proficient in the primary language of where you will work – so here in the UK, that would mean English.

6 Essential Skills You Need as an Office Administrator - For 2019

Technology skills

Technology is an integral part of the modern office and that means a good office administrator needs to be tech-savvy and able to master everything from desktop software and business cloud storage plans to smartphone apps, telephone systems and other bespoke systems that the company may use.  You will also need to know how to do things like arrange video conferences, handle email and voicemails, manage records through online as well as offline systems and also be aware of issues such as security. If you cannot get the persons then leave voicemail and the voicemail will not ring the phone.

Organisational skills

The job of the office administrator involves a range of different tasks and responsibilities and this means you need to be able to organise yourself and others.  This might range from organising high-level meetings with the management of the company to handling company retreats or employee events.  You will have to manage your own calendar and often those of the top executives you work with.

Research and planning skills

The exact demands of the job depend on the nature of the business but there’s little doubt that research and planning skills will be required.  This might be something like researching where to hold the company annual seminar or what software to use to get executives from around the world on one video call.  It might be things like finding software to do market research then planning how to gather this data. Or what tools can be used to analyse it then use that information in forward planning for the company.

6 Essential Skills You Need as an Office Administrator - For 2019

Problem-solving skills

Solving problems is a core part of what an office administrator does.  You need to handle the people around you to help them deliver results and be their most productive as well as working with customers or other companies.  This means planning and organisation but also the ability to cope with the unexpected and handle problems that arise. Critical thinking and a way of applying yourself to a problem are key skills to cultivate.

Customer service skills

While customer service skills aren’t used in the same way as someone who works in a customer-facing area of the business, it is still important to have these skills.  Because the role may often involve dealing with customers and also other businesses that the company deals with. So it is important to have those basic customers service skills to be able to cope well with these situations and have positive interactions.

Top administrator skills

These six skills may come naturally to you, but it is still worth working on them because they are the foundation for any office administrator’s job and will also stand you well for other roles onwards from there.  By having these skills, you are ready to cope with the daily job and the unexpected it can throw at you and perform to the best of your abilities.

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