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6 Interior Design Ideas for Small Houses

More and more people are warming up to the idea of investing in small homes. This is because most people, when they settle down, want to do so with a small nuclear family, while needing the security of having a space that is their own. Because of this, the world of interior design is catching on and is catering to making these small spaces just as enticing, comfortable and attractive as any large space. From furniture, colors and even lighting, all of these factors contribute to making your small space feel bigger and more comfortable. So if you’re thinking about making a small house your home, we say go for it! And to get you started in discovering why this is such a great idea, we’re going to go over 6 interior design ideas that are absolutely wonderful for small homes.

1. Neutral Colors For More Options

When prepping your small house for the ideal interior design, it’s important that you keep the tone neutral and comfortable. This applies to both the walls, as well as the furniture. This is a great trick to keep in mind because by doing so, you actually give the illusion of more space. If you use dark colors, then this immediately confines the spaces and brings the attention to any given surface or piece of furniture. By staying neutral, you also give yourself the freedom to change things up whenever you please.

2. Utilize Every Surface In The House

When you have a small house, be sure to make use of every surface that you have. This means get creative with what you can do with the walls, for instance. If they are bare, consider putting shelves in so that you have space for pictures, books, or even centerpieces. By doing so, you get to put your unique touch in decor without having to take up any space. Another good idea is that instead of having chair bought for the kitchen, for instance, having a bench built into the wall would actually look better, and take up less space. Or you could just have foldable chairs built into the wall so that you can put them away after you’re done. Another great idea is that if you use light, large rugs, this will immediately give the feel of a larger space.

3. Furniture

It is extremely important that you make a lot of considerations before getting furniture for your small home. Your space is limited, and you want to set it up in a way that still makes it look spacious, gives you comfort, and is practical as well. It’s always advisable for you to spend some time doing some research so that you can find places that actually cater to small home designs. Online stores are great for this, and perhaps getting started with Big Save Furniture can give you insight into convenient options such as sofa beds that will not take up too much space. There are also a ton of collapsible as well as expandable furniture, such as tables and chairs, that really fit the bill when designing the interior of your small home. Another wonderful tip is to make sure that you place your furniture away from the wall- this gives the illusion that there is plenty of space around the furniture.

4. Lighting

Most of us find it necessary to have lamps put into our homes to give them a subtle and homely feel. But when designing your small house, consider using wall-mounted lights. If you look into it, you’ll find that the options are surprisingly extensive, and you can play around with the lighting and the mood just as you would with a lamp, and it will take up less space as well. There are wall-mounted lights that can even extend and hang from the wall as if it were a lamp, for example. Others have the dimming options and there is an endless array of fixtures that are sure to go with your decor and the style that you’re going for.

5. Built-in Storage

With the onset of more and more people are opting to go for smaller households, the design industry has come up with ingenious innovations in terms of storage options. To be able to utilize your space to the maximum, you should consider having a couple of built-in storage options throughout the house. This way, it will take up a decent amount of items for storage, and will not interfere with the overall design. Many design houses are also integrating furniture with storage, such as beds and table acting as storage as well, which is done in a stylish way, providing you with practicality as well as personality.

6. Scaling

Scaling is absolutely essential when it comes to interior design in general. And when it comes to designing your small space, you’ll find that it is going to make all the difference. The best trick to apply is to have the majority of the furniture be one size (preferably leaning towards the smaller option), and then have a couple of items a little larger in order to play around with the visual. This will not only give you space, but will also make the whole setup look classy and unique.

Designing the interior of your small home is actually going to be a fun and exciting project, because given that you utilize the tips given above, you are going to be able to expand your creativity and add your unique touch to the project. Small spaces can be played around with in so many ways- you need to consider the furniture, the lighting, the walls, the flooring and the overall scaling- basically, every single detail is something you need to consider when designing your small space. You can make it cozy, classy, and comfortable all at the same time without too much hassle at all. It’s important that you do your research and see what’s available in the market in terms of furniture specifically, because there are so many innovative designs and inventions out there that are bound to give your space a unique and spacious look.

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