Every day in America, 29 people die in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident. Despite knowing the risks, it doesn’t stop people from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

If the thought of potentially killing someone else (or yourself) isn’t enough to deter you from getting behind the DUI consequences wheel.

Here Are Some Long-term DUI Consequences

Some long term result and implications to consider when getting a DUI conviction consequences.

You May Experience Financial Distress

Getting a DUI is costly. Not only will you be required to pay a defense attorney to represent you in a driving under the influence case, but you’ll also face numerous fines. Even if its a first offense, judges have mandatory fines to assign that vary based on your location. Depending on the events of your DUI consequences, you could also be sued for endangering lives.

At a bare minimum, you can expect a DUI to cost you around $10,000. Keep that number in mind the next time you think it might be too expensive to use a taxi. In fact, you could probably rent a limo or helicopter and still spend less money than you would.

You May Lose Your Freedom to Travel

In addition to losing your license, your travel options may also be restricted. Don’t be surprised if you’re turned away at the border when planning to visit your favorite tropical destination within a few years of being charged with a DUI conviction consequences.

If your DUI is classified as a felony, consider your international vacations done for the foreseeable future.

Your Insurance Rates will Skyrocket

In addition to the legal fees associated with your case, you’ll also see a jump in your insurance rates as a result of your DUI consequences. These jumps are often thousands of dollars per year for the next five to ten years, depending on your actions.

It’s also important to note that other people around you might see a spike in their insurance rates as well. For example, your spouse could see a significant increase as you have access to their vehicle. The same applies to any student drivers who live in your home.

You May Lose Your Job Security

More companies are getting specific about what behavior is in alignment with their brand image. It could say in the fine print of your contract that any behavior not fitting the values conveyed by the business will result in termination. A DUI could be that event.

If you’re searching for a new job, you can expect your DUI laws to pop up on a criminal record check. As a result, you may be passed over for another candidate. This could further the financial stress caused by your actions.

You May Lose Personal Relationships

People don’t take drunk driving lightly. It’s not uncommon to lose personal relationships based on your actions. Additionally, the financial stress of the situation can create a lot of tension in relationships that have financial connections. For example, your spouse or children or anyone you have to borrow money from to get through the trial.

You Could Be Incarcerated

Getting charged with a DUI laws doesn’t mean that you’ll be convicted. Having the right defense attorney can help with that. Generally, first-time offenses come with lighter punishments than consecutive charges.

However, it only takes one trip behind the wheel to take someone’s life and end up incarcerated for a long period of time, first offense or not.

People make mistakes; it’s human nature. However, this is one mistake that could cost you dearly. You may never be a part of one of those 29 deaths per day, but why risk it? Be smart, plan ahead, and stay alive.

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