Between attending classes, studying for exams, working on homework, completing internships, trying to have a social life, and finding time to sleep, the work of a college student is never done.

With as jammed packed as schedules can get, many students struggle to find time to work. Unfortunately, attending college is expensive, and students need as much money as they can get.

While part-time work is always a possibility, many employers aren’t flexible with work schedules. This is why many busy college students end up having to take on an online side hustle.

An online side hustle is a good way to make some extra cash without the stress of a part-time job. Here are six popular options for busy college students.

Start a blog

For those that have knowledge to share and have an understanding of affiliate marketing, starting a blog and monetizing it is a good option. Monetizing a blog takes time. Bloggers have to improve their SEO to rank high on search engines. This helps increase the amount of traffic they receive on their blog.

Once a blog is receiving a decent amount of traffic, bloggers should include ads and affiliate links throughout their site. Successful bloggers understand the value of consistency; they should commit to at least one post a week.

Take surveys

For students that need extra cash for food or books, online survey taking through a site such as Swagbucks is a good option. The payout for surveys varies greatly and there is no guarantee you’ll be eligible for a survey, so this isn’t a way to earn a stable income.

However, it can easily be done from a dorm room during moments of downtime with very little effort. Most survey sites pay through gift cards or PayPal and require people to have earned a set amount (usually 5 or 10 dollars) before payment is available.

Crowdsource through Amazon mTurk

Another option for students that are looking for extra money for books but aren’t necessarily looking for stable income is Amazon mTurk. Amazon mTurk is a crowdsourcing platform. Work varies from survey taking, to transcribing, to chatting with bots, and more.

Most tasks are only with a few cents, so this isn’t a way to get rich quick. However, the funds earned from Amazon mTurk can be transferred to a bank account or an Amazon account. There is also a lot of flexibility with work and there is no penalty for taking a few days (or weeks!) off.

Sell products online

Selling digital or physical products through an e-commerce platform is always a possibility. For example, someone who is a talented artist might choose to create artwork and sell them through a platform such as Etsy.

More ambitious students might decide to start their own e-commerce site instead of going through an existing platform. While there are benefits of owning a site over going utilizing an existing site, there are also additional responsibilities. Students will need to look into e-commerce software to successfully build a site; Hustle Life offers reviews of possible software options.

Start freelancing

For talented writers or graphic designers, freelancing is always a possibility. Freelancers can choose to work directly with a client or can go through a website such as Fiverr. There are pros and cons to either method.

When working with a client, freelancers will have access to stable work; however, clients will expect the work to be done promptly. When going through a website, freelancers have the option to accept or decline whatever work they feel like they can handle; however, there may be weeks where no work is available.

Share knowledge through tutoring

Students that are knowledgeable in a particular subject matter may be able to tutor other people online. There is a large demand for online tutoring in a variety of subject matters. Tutors are almost always needed for SAT prep, essay writing, and higher-level math.

Online tutoring frequently involves using a platform such as Skype to talk to clients. Most of the time, the client will identify a particular area they need support with (such as SAT vocabulary) and the tutor will go over useful strategies. Some people find online tutoring frustrating and instead opt to tutor in-person.

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