Today, many cities in India have been enveloped in an ugly smog. The deadly air is sparing no one. Everyone is coughing and suffering from throat infections. The hazard of viral infections has also increased considerably. Things are even worse for people who already have cardiovascular issues and asthma.

Pollution is such a vast issue that one person cannot do anything for it. Though a permanent solution for this may take time, we can nevertheless adopt a few things in our lives for the time being.

Here is a preventive plan which can help you escape the death trap of pollution

1.    Use face masks

Whenever you step out of your house wear an N-95 or N-99 mask. As the name suggests, an N-95 mask will protect you from 95% of the common air pollutants and fine particulate matter (PM).

Make sure it fits you right. The mask should seamlessly cover your nose, chin and mouth else all your efforts will go wasted. You can also look for masks with carbon activated filters. They are capable of eliminating bad odour, bacteria, and viruses.

2.    Your house should have proper ventilation

You might not believe it, but indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution. Install a chimney in your kitchen and an exhaust in your bathroom.

Keep your doors and windows open especially between 3 PM and 5 PM. This is the time when the concentration of PM 2.5 is the least in the air on a bright sunny day. This will allow the circulation of air thereby reducing indoor pollution.

Also, ventilation is important in your car. When you go for work in the morning, roll down the windows and let air circulate in the car. Also, run the car AC in indoor circulation mode. This will help in reducing the PM 2.5 level.

3.    Avoid morning walks

It is true that exercising and taking in the fresh air in the morning is essential, but what if we are breathing in toxic air? Even doctors have asked people to refrain from early morning and late evening walks. The least you can do is shift your outdoor jogs to some lesser toxic hours.

Parents should not allow their small kids to play outdoors. School authorities should be advised to avoid assemblies, sports, and physical activities during the morning hours.

4.    Use air purifiers

Use air purifiers, especially in the rooms of kids and the elderly. The toxic air is more likely to affect them. You can also adopt natural means such as air-purifying plants. Aloe Vera, Ivy, and Spider Plant are small plants that can be easily installed in rooms and offices.

These purifiers absorb contaminants from the air thereby improving the indoor air quality. The purifiers also have a pleasant effect on sleep. It has been found that people who live in higher polluted areas are 60% more likely to sleep poorly than the less polluted areas.

5.    Increase your Vitamin C intake

A diet rich in vitamin C, Magnesium and Omega fatty acids can significantly help you fight the damaging effects of pollution. It has been found that the patients suffering from asthma or chronic lung diseases who have lower vitamin C levels have more risk of breathing problems in outdoor polluted air.

Citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi and lemon, and vegetables like broccoli and red, yellow and green capsicum are rich in vitamin C. They will give a boost to your immunity and help you beat pollution. Moreover, these fruits and vegetables are all good for our all over health and skin, and hence must definitely be included in our diet.

6.    Take steam daily

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your daily steam. This is extremely effective in relaxing your air passages. It even helps your body in removing the toxic particulate matter from our system as it unclogs your pores. It is also good for skin and hair and has a soothing effect on our minds.

Over to you…

Along with these preventive measures, utilizing less energy in your homes will help the environment. Reducing your energy usage will be your contribution to improving air quality. Avoid smoking and if you don’t smoke, don’t allow anyone around you to smoke either. The air that surrounds us is as much yours as it’s theirs and nobody has the right to deteriorate it for a pleasure activity such as smoking.

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