6 Tips on How to Move a Shipping Container?

Did you know that every year over 12 million shipping containers enter the USA? International shipping is expanding at an impressive rate thanks to the growth of e-commerce and other financial factors.

However, not all shipping containers remain shipping containers. Nowadays people are creatively putting them to all kinds of uses. They are using them as personal storage, or building workshops inside them. Some are even converting them into dwellings.

If you are looking to use storage facilities creatively, you may be wondering how to move a shipping container? If this is true, why not read our in-depth guide on the subject below.

1. By Truck

The simplest way to move a shipping container over land is to load it on to the back of a truck. Trucks were made to haul large shipping containers over long distances, so it will not be difficult to find a company that will do this for you.

Loading and unloading are easy as trucks will come with equipment to tilt the container and ease it on to the floor.

The only point you need to consider is where you want to unload it. If you are having it dropped off in your back garden, you will need to ensure that not only the container but potentially a fully articulated truck can fit in your garden gate.

2. By Train

Like truck delivery, the train is ideal if you are planning to bring your container from within the same landmass. If your container is being stored near a train line and its destination is also near a train line, then this could be an easy solution for you.

Like using a truck, you will have to ensure that you have all the necessary permits for hazardous goods if necessary. You will also need legal permits if you will cross borders. However, if rail shipping is a possible solution, it could save you a lot of time and money.

3. By Boat

If you are looking to bring your container from abroad, and you do not have a tight deadline, sea freight could be your answer. Although it can be a slow form of transport it is often the cheapest. Visit for more information.

There are some considerations. For instance, you will need access to a company that can clear the container on your behalf at the port. You may also have to pay for insurance for your container, even if it is empty. You will need to meet stringent legal requirements such as providing an export license.

However, if you can overcome these hurdles, you could join the thousands of shippers who use sea freight every day.

4. Outsourcing

If the above options seem too difficult to arrange for your container needs, you could simply employ the services of a shipping company to bring you your container.

While the above solutions are suitable for a company that is looking to continually ship goods, it may be overkill for a person who needs a single container for their shipping container garage conversion project.

You can simply give the shipping company the details of your request and they will choose the cheapest, quickest and most hassle-free shipping service available.

The above solutions will help you to bring your container to its destination. However, once it is there how can you move it or maneuver it into its final position? Check out these smaller-scale solutions.

5. Container Skates

Once your container has been delivered, you may have some maintenance work to do before you move it into its final positions. By the time you are ready, the truck and other large moving equipment may be gone. How can you move it alone?

You may wish to invest in Container skates. These are composite plastic materials that you place under each corner of the container. It will still be too heavy to move by hand. However, once these tools are in place, you will be able to move your container with a car or other vehicle.

6. Skid Loader and Rollers

Your container was made to survive years of being lifted by cranes and placed on ships. It would then be exposed to the elements including storms and seawater. This helps us to understand that it is sturdy and can survive being moved around your property.

Taking this into consideration, some have tried the following as a last resort for moving a container into place. Using a lift of some kind, raise one end of the container to a height of approximately 1 foot. After doing this place a round wooden log or other roller-device underneath and drop the container on to it.

You now have the ability to roll your container into its final resting place. Be assured that a container that has been maintained and is structurally sound will not easy break.

Equally, be aware that it is significantly heavy and you will want to wear safety clothes and have sufficient manpower with you to perform the lift.

How to Move a Shipping Container and Much More

Shipping containers are being used for more and more purposes than ever before. You can store goods, start a business or even live inside of one. It all starts with knowing how to move a shipping container.

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