Well, well, college life is here! So, do you have all the bags packed up, and are you ready to leave for your college? If you are still stuck in the middle of rewinding things at home, it is safe to assume that you are pretty much in a rush! In this rush, we hope that you already have booked accommodation for yourself. You haven’t already?!

No need to worry, because we are here to tell you everything that you need to do right to secure the best accommodation out there. You could also make use of online listings such as Iglu student accommodation to make your search more accurate and efficient.

When it comes to looking for student housing options in a new city, it can be overwhelming. First of all, you do not know the city you’re moving to. Secondly, you do not know anyone in that city. Then, who do you trust? What do you go looking for? We will tell you right here. Read on!

Since you’re starting to look for your house pretty late, it is no wonder that you may have already missed out on the on-campus accommodation. Under those circumstances, you would be looking for an option outside your campus. Places that are quite close to the university will also be filled pretty fast.

In that case, before you go looking for opportunities, you need to shortlist the locality that you would prefer. Ideally, this locality leads to be located near your university, or very well-connected to all parts of the city via public transport.

  • Select your basics:

24/7 access to clean drinking water, electricity, internet, and cleanliness should be a few basics that no student should compromise on. However, in addition to these, you should be well-aware by now on the necessary facilities that you personally need. What this means is, if you are someone who likes to work out, then a place that offers a gymnasium should score higher on your list, however, when looking for these add-ons, we recommend you do not compromise on the essentials needed to sustain a livelihood.

  • Do not rush:

We understand that you are already starting the house hunt late, and you may be in a rush, however, even then, do not rush! Give yourself some time. Filter out all the respectable options that you can find in the area you are looking for. Be patient, and you will discover accurately the property you need!

  • Stick to your budget:

This is extremely important because you are anyway going to overspend your budget. When you move into a new city, a lot of new expenses also become a part of your life. If your locality is too for from your college, then do expect a regular payment going out in public transportation. Furthermore, you may be required to pay electricity bills, water bills, etc. Thus, it is essential that was looking for a property you do not overpass your budget.

  • Speak to the landlord: 

While most housing options are PGs or hostels, which are already shared by a large number of students, in case you go for private accommodation or shared flat, we recommend you speak to the landlord before signing the rental papers. Speaking to a landlord will give you a fair idea of how the landlord would react if any inconvenience arises in the future.

  • Do a trial: 

If possible, you should always assert that you need a trial period before you sign the papers for a more extended stay. This trial period could be 15 days to a month, and this is a functional enough time space for you to evaluate if you would be fine living in that place for a more extended period.

  • Never make a compromise: 

Since you are paying for the property, you should not compromise on the essential things that you absolutely cannot live without. However, you may have to make certain adjustments. For example, if you are used to living in your private space, you may need to adjust in your college life.

You may have to share your room with another roomie or share the flat with your flatmates. These are minor adjustments, however, if you are not comfortable with your roommate smoking or the noise levels around your apartment are stressful, then this is a major red flag that you would not be able to live there happily for a longer time.