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7 Amazing Living Room Layout Ideas for Your Home

Whether you’ve got a small or large living room, how you arrange your furniture can make all the difference. Consider these seven living room layout ideas.

Home is your refuge from the world, it should be inviting and relaxing. Your living room layout ideas makes a huge difference in the appearance and utility of your space. Unappealing furniture placement can really ruin your space.

7 Amazing Room Layout Ideas

A cluttered, crowded room layout ideas are anything but relaxing. Designing your perfect living room is all about furniture placement and choosing the right furniture for your space.

Keep reading for 7 ways to breathe new life into a tired living room layout ideas and learn how to choose the best furniture for living room from here.

1. Get Bold With Your Walls

Eggshell and off-white walls still reign supreme in many living rooms. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid to add some color to your space. Deep, rich wall colors are making a huge comeback right now.

Even small rooms can benefit from a rich wall color. It creates an inviting, cozy environment that boasts style and sophistication.

Wallpaper is also making a come back in home décor. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add some excitement to your room without the commitment of traditional wallpaper.

If you go with a busy wallpaper for your living room keep the wall hangings to a minimum. You want your space to feel eclectic and curated not kitschy and claustrophobic.

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2. Think About Daily Use

When it comes to designing your living room function is always superior to form. You spend countless hours in your living room. Design your living room with living in mind.

It should be easy to move through your living room without bumping up against furniture. Make sure to design your space with clear paths of traffic, and avoid bulky unnecessary items.

Furniture that is too big for your space makes it difficult to move around and the entire room will feel more crowded. Take a tour of a living room furniture warehouse with a tape measure to make sure each piece will fit in your space.

You should also set up your living room to reflect on how you spend your time there. Set up an area for the kids to park their toys after playtime. Arrange your seating so that everyone has a good view for movie night.

It’s your home and no one knows how you spend your time better than you. Design your space to make your life easier.

3. Create a Focal Point

A focal point creates a cohesive visual space. It is a place designed to immediately draw the eye, and it can change the overall vibe of the room. More people are turning to large exotic plants to add interest and excitement to their living spaces.

A large tropic plant makes a huge impact and immediately draws the eye. It is also a popular option for people who live in large cities with limited access to green spaces. They are also great for air quality and mood.

Art is another popular focal point along with mirrors that make the room appear bigger.

4. Textile Tie the Room Together

The right rug can really tie an entire room together, just ask Jeff Lebowski.

Textiles, like rugs, curtains, drapes, and pillows really help you make your space your own. There is something so cozy and inviting about a plush throw blanket and some snuggly decorative pillows. Your stress will instantly melt away as you tread on your plush carpet.

Your living room should be a space that invites relaxation and calm. A place where you can find a much-needed respite from work and responsibilities. The right textiles make the living room even more relaxing.

5. Use Your Floor Space Wisely

Think vertically when it comes to home decor design. Many homeowners underutilize their wall space, which leads to a cluttered, crowded living room. When floor space is a premium, think vertically.

People with small living rooms know that there is a limited amount of floor space in your home. Using this space wisely will create the impression of a big, more spaced out room. Floating shelves and wall mounted storage will be your best friend.

You can also look into wall mounted desks. And mount your tv while you’re at it so you can donate that bulky entertainment center.

Ditch the bookshelves. Hanging shelves look a lot chicer and save a ton more space.

Floating shelves are dominating the interior design world, and with good reason. Floating or hanging shelves are a great way to showcase your keepsakes and organize your personal library without sacrificing tons of space.

6. Invest in Versatile Furniture

Modern Americans are masters at multi-tasking, shouldn’t our furniture multi-task too. One of the best ways to make the most of your living space is by investing in multi-purpose furniture pieces

Drop leaf tables are a great way to maximize your space without limiting your dinner party invites. You can take your dining space from everyday to holiday with one easy movement. Once everyone leaves for the night, you can quickly reclaim your living space by dropping the leaf.

You should also consider investing in seating that doubles as storage. Storage ottomans are a popular option for storing blankets and extra pillows.

7. Set the Mood with Expert Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Great lighting allows your decor to shine. Plus lighting elicits strong emotional responses, and the right lighting is guaranteed to set the perfect mood.

The perfect living room lighting is multi-dimensional and adaptable. Incorporate plenty of ambient mood lighting to calm the nerves. Make sure to also have easily accessible task lighting like desk lamps.

Using smart bulbs or dimmer switches gives you even more flexibility. This means you can customize your lighting to match your mood and the occasion.

Living Room Layout Ideas for Every Space

Your living room is where you spend most of your time at home, it should feel comfortable and inviting. Rearranging your living room layout ideas can reinvigorate a tired old space. Use your imagination to come up with living room layout ideas that work for your space.

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