Are you planning a move soon? Getting the chance to have a fresh start only happens every so often, so if you have that opportunity now, it’s time to take it! When thinking about new places to move to, Canada should be a strong contender.

There are several reasons to move to Canada and several benefits of doing so. Haven’t spent time in Canada before? It may be beneficial for you to plan a trip to visit before making a final decision.

Doing so ensures that you’re able to confirm all of these wonderful reasons to move there listed below. Continue reading below to learn all of these reasons and then be sure to book a trip to explore the country yourself!

1. Melting Pot for Culture

Canada is home to many different options for immigrants. This country is accepting of immigrants and encourages them to move there as well. They also provide immigrants with sponsorship programs, which aid immigrants in getting their entire family into the country.

There are also visas for specific jobs for those who have experience working in certain fields. Those with experience in long-distance transport and hospitality can become permanent residents. Applying as an immigrant is simple as there are plenty of options to choose from!

2. Urban and Rural Atmosphere

Canada provides quality living environments for those looking for an urban atmosphere and those looking for a more rural lifestyle. When planning to move to urban areas, you’ll experience quantities of public services, infrastructures, retail businesses, and lots of cultures.

When planning to move to a more rural area, you’ll be able to get away from the busy urban life and put down roots in the quiet countryside where there’s potential in the agricultural industry. Still not convinced?

Three of Canada’s cities were listed on Business Insider’s list of the most liveable cities! Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary all made the list! Living in a country where three of its cities made the most liveable cities list sounds like an amazing place to be!

3. Low Crime Rates

Moving to Canada also ensure that you’ll be moving yourself and your family to a safe environment. Canada is known for its low crime rates and lengthy processes for obtaining guns. Why is the crime rate falling here?

Most residents are now becoming senior citizens. To add to that, more homes have security systems in place, police officers walk the streets rather than driving in their cars most of the time, and abortion is legal as well. These reasons along with a few others all contribute to Canada’s low crime rate.

4. Free Public Healthcare

Canada provides free public healthcare to all its residents. This is funded by government taxes and free emergency transportation is given as well. After becoming a resident, it does take about 3 months to receive your free public healthcare.

Because of this, you’ll want to have another option in place until you receive it. Canada’s healthcare system overall does have a few setbacks as no system is perfect, however, offering some type of health insurance to everyone is a wonderful system to have.

5. Free Education and Top Universities

Canada does offer free public education to all of its residents. Even immigrants have access to Canada’s wonderful education. Aside from providing free public education until the age of around 19, Canada also has some of the top universities.

It’s home to over 95 amazing universities. As an immigrant, after graduating from a university, you’re able to apply for a post-graduation work permit. This permit could also be your ticket to becoming a permanent resident.

6. The Scenic Environment

Safety, healthcare, education, and culture are all great reasons to move to Canada and should all be considered, but sometimes you have to look past all of these kinds of factors and focus on other things. One thing that can’t be denied or calculated is the fact that Canada is home to a scenic environment.

The scenery here is nothing short of amazing. You can spend the day exploring Niagara Falls, visiting Prince Edward Island, hiking through the mountains, or traveling via the river. There’s much to do and much to see in the great outdoors when living in Canada.

7. Becoming a Citizen Is Easy

If you’re concerned about a stressful process for becoming a new citizen, then let us ease your mind. Becoming a citizen of Canada is quite simple. The requirements to become a citizen here aren’t as strict as many other places.

With a period of 5 years, you only need to live in Canada for 3 of those years to qualify. Before, you only had a 4-year period. Canada also allows 18-year olds to apply for citizenship without a guardian.

There is a citizenship test that you must pass, but Canada does allow you to take practice tests before taking the real thing! What are you waiting for? It looks like it’s time to contact a location service to help you move today!

Consider These Reasons to Move to Canada!

When you’re planning on making a big move, you have a lot of things to consider. If you’re considering moving to Canada but have other options as well, keep these reasons to move to Canada in mind. Canada can be a great new home for families or individuals!

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