What if a single invention could give birth to a world of innovations?

That’s exactly what has happened with 3D scanning. Thanks to this breakthrough technology, we can do things that seemed downright impossible a few short years ago.

Wondering which innovations are possible thanks to 3D scanning? Keep reading to learn the answer!

1. The Prototype, Redefined

Prototypes play an important role in the world of manufacturing. They help designers and engineers work out any potential kinks and ultimately improve the final product.

With 3D scanning, creating prototypes is easier than ever. You can transform physical models into digital models with speed and accuracy. After scanning, the possibilities are endless.

You can now digitally change sizes, shapes, and add entirely new features. Thanks to 3D printing, you can quickly create a new and improved physical prototype whenever you need it.

2. Sweet Tooth Unlocked

For scanning and printing, we mostly think of simple objects. But what if you could make your projects that much sweeter?

After you scan an object, you can create a very special 3D version of it. Specifically, you can print it out as candy! Maybe it’s tiny candy versions of a family pet. Or even an edible version of your child’s favorite toy.

Keep in mind that custom candy makes some of the best gifts. You’ll definitely be giving someone thing one of a kind!

3. Thorough Inspection

In engineering and manufacture, inspection is one of the most important elements. For example, you must inspect the blades of a fan or a turbine for any deficiencies that would keep them from working as efficiently as they need to.

Traditional methods of inspection (such as contact measuring) don’t always detect these flaws in time. However, 3D scanning provides a quick and efficient way of detecting any problems before a product goes into mass production.

The result is that companies and customers alike get higher-quality products.

4. Replacements On the Fly

One of the worst things you can lose around the house are items that are almost impossible to replace. For example, if you should lose something like the knob on a stove, you may have no easy way of replacing that.

However, three-dimensional scanning and printing mean that you can now create replacements on the fly. Did you lose one of your multiple stove knobs? All you have to do at this point is scan and print a replacement!

In this way, scanning and printing ultimately save you money because it helps appliances and other major purchases last longer around your house.

5. Never Forget a Face

Ever wonder how we know what famous people really looked like? Photographs and paintings do a great job of this. But for many years, the best way was to create 3D masks of figures such as Napoleon and Lincoln.

In some ways, that tradition continues thanks to places such as wax museums. But three-dimensional scanning may eventually put them out of business!

This scanning lets famous figures (including President Obama) create perfect digital copies of their faces. In Obama’s case, his face is now on display in the Smithsonian.

With 3D scanning, history will never forget a face again!

6. Preserve Childhood Memories

If you have an artistic child, there is a constant struggle. You want to hold on to everything that they create. You quickly run out of room if you’re not willing to let some things go.

This is where 3D scanning comes in. Such scanning lets you create digital copies of any three-dimensional art or sculptures they may have created. And traditional scanning lets you create digital copies of everything else.

Initially, you might find some objects difficult to scan. But you can easily find out more about how to tackle those projects.

You now have a digital archive of your child’s art. And if you upload those images to the cloud, you’ll be able to access that art from anywhere in the world!

7. Historical Archives

Believe it or not, the same principles of childhood art apply to historical objects. Our world is filled with important remnants of history. Yet nobody has the time, room, or resources to hang onto all of it.

That’s why three-dimensional scanning has been such a boon for the purpose of historical archives. Researchers can scan very large objects (such as World War II subs) and create a perfect 3D model. They can then share that model with museums and universities that otherwise would not have room for the real object.

This method helps to preserve our history, one scan at a time!

8. Fashion Rescue

We touched on how scanning and printing can help you rescue your appliances. But did you know it can also help you rescue your wardrobe?

If your favorite shirt or coat loses its buttons, you don’t have to throw it out. You can 3D print some replacements.

Did the heel break off of your favorite shoe? Don’t toss it: you can always scan and print a replacement heel. Soon, you’ll be able to print the entire shoe!

Once you get creative, you’ll find there is no limit to how 3D scanning and printing can help your wardrobe.

9. Digital Tailor

Scanning and printing aren’t limited to helping out your personal wardrobe. Would you believe professionals are using this technology to redefine “tailor-made?”

Traditionally, tailored clothing is a laborious process. Someone must physically measure all the parts of your body, and then someone else must slowly create custom clothing.

Three-dimensional scanning and printing speed up both aspects of this. A scan of someone’s body renders additional measurements unnecessary. A 3D printer can then provide clothing perfectly customized to this body type and shape.

Soon, we will enjoy all the benefits of tailor-made clothing with all the price and selection of mass-produced fashion. And it’s all thanks to 3D scanning.

3D Scanning: The Future Is Now

Now you know about the innovations that 3D scanning helped create. But do you know what the next big revolution in tech will be?

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