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7 Inexpensive Patio Cover Ideas to Keep You Cool this Summer

The demand for outdoor furniture suitable for a patio or any other exterior sitting in the U.S. is worth over $2Bn and will keep rising. Forecasts show that the global market will reach $24 Bn by 2024 buoyed by demand for wood-based furniture. Patios are by far the most common destination of this furniture.

Do you want to make good use of your patio when you share it with friends and family? Want to enjoy your backyard and stay cool this summer? Check out these 7 cheap patio cover ideas so you can beat the heat outdoors.

Why Seek Cover During Summer?

While summer is always a good welcome for many people, it also comes with other issues you have to contend with. For example, if you come from a zone with rains throughout the summer, you need to get cover while still enjoying your outdoor activities. The effects of the sun on the human skin can bring about common sun-burns as well as other serious effects of UV radiation.

Based on these factors, shopping for an affordable cover for your patio can be your number one priority. You have to have a cover that does not take away the beauty of summer but enhances it. You can have a look at various types of inexpensive patio shade ideas and covers at Dealwiki

1. Gazebos with UV and Anti-Insect Cover

Gazebos are the most common outdoor cover. They are easy to put up and can be transferred easily from one place to another. The use of Gazebos as a cover for patio has gone down due to poor assembling material but once you get a good kit, this can work well during summer.

You can modernize your gazebo in the manner you feel fits your needs. For example, you can have it covered with a UV treated roof or you can have a mosquito net that keeps away insects giving you an easy time in the patio.

2. Small Space Parasol with Flower Base

Parasol is a simple outdoor umbrella that is often used to provide temporary cover and yard shade outside a house or other establishment. It can be supported by a base made up of any material but the use of a flower pot to support this has gained momentum. The best way you can use parasols is to have it with a flexible base that you can transfer from one location to another.

A parasol can be an ideal fit for small spaces. This can provide shade for a small space outside your balcony or terrace. This comes with an added advantage of still providing enough air and sunshine to cover you while blocking direct sunlight.

3. Movable and Flexible Garden Tent

When you use small tents and canopies beside your patio enables you to have an extension of your house. This provides more room for your summer activities. Garden tents and canopies are ideal for that fluctuating summer weather. It can withstand rain and winds in addition to the sun.

Garden tents are made of canvas or PVC providing you with a chance to put in equipment that doesn’t need to be exposed to elements of weather like sun and rain. And as quickly as they can be set, garden tents can be brought down with ease when the event is over. However, be cautious not to bring fire and barbecue as close.

4. Pergola with Glass or Canvas

Pergolas can be quite expensive especially for bigger spaces. These are arched wooden structures with climbing plants often found in terraces and parks. They are a relaxing site with a different setup including a walk-through and different sitting designs.

There are various ways to provide a cover for your pergola that will look stunningly good and provide cover from the sun and rain. If rain isn’t a big problem for you, you can have even spaced wooden cover just enough to reduce direct sunshine. You can also use steel and glass for a more permanent cover which provides shade from the sun and rain.

There are also other covers that you might have to provide a clear and beautiful cover for your summer occasions.

5. Awning to Cover Your Patio

This is also another affordable way to provide you with a decent shade during summer. These are mainly found on the doors of a shop or a house to protect the house from direct sunshine or rain. They are made of plastic or canvas and are supported by a frame attached to the wall of the building.

These can be extended further to cover a longer area depending on the size of your patio. They can also be made of aluminum but still, remain within the reach of many due to the low price. Some of the awnings can come with an anti UV fabric and anti-stain cover providing long-lasting protection.

6. Different Arbor Patio Cover Ideas

There is a thin line between an arbor and a pergola despite both structures being totally different. They are both outdoor features characterized by climbing plants. The covering ideas for arbors are almost similar to pergola though you can be more creative with an arbor.

One of the common ways to cover an arbor is to use a retractable fabric that adds backyard shade when needed. You can also use a black micro-weave fabric that adds elegance to your arbor. Canvas fabrics come in different materials like cotton or polyester.

7. Sails as Patio Cover

Sails are an amazing attraction as patio covers. They come in different colors interlocking with others creating a very beautiful look. They come with curves to allow for tension created when putting them up into position.

Don’t Let the Summer Sun Keep You from Your Outdoor Events

Summer outdoor activities can full of fun and quite memorable for years to come. While having this fun, consider patio cover ideas that might not take away all your summer budget. These ideas can work with your already established environment and existing structures. This way, you don’t have to build new.

You can explore more ideas at In News Weekly on home improvement as well as ways to have maximum enjoyment of this summer. Here, you will find different news and reports on how you can transform your summer as well as other related topics.

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