7 Innovations in Vaping Technology Changing the Experience

Did you know that almost 11 million adults in the U.S. have taken up vaping?

You read that right!

After all, electronic cigarettes were originally intended to help with smoking cessation. While further studies will help shed light on its safety, CDC does say it may benefit adult smokers. Especially if they use it as a complete substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

The good news is, vaping technology continues to undergo considerable improvements. Manufacturers are looking for more ways to improve their safety and ease of use. In fact, vaporizers may be a key tool in the treatment of certain medical conditions!

That last bit got you excited, did it not? Then be sure to read on to learn more about these innovations in vape technology!

1. Nanotech: Possibly the Coolest, Most Innovative Vaping Technology

Did you know that nanotechnology could be the saving grace of cancer patients? Not only that, but also of patients with diabetes, heart disease, and even disabilities.

So, what does that have to do with vaping?

First is how scientists are researching vaporization as an advanced drug delivery system. The process involves heating, say a liquid medicine, and quickly evaporating it. This then results in the creation of vapor, which could contain nanoparticles.

Sounds familiar?

That’s because electronic vaporizers work on a similar premise. They heat the e-liquid or “e-juice” through a coil, which then produces clouds of fine mist.

If successful, nanotech could be a new vaping technology with medical use. That would, however, mean swapping e-juice with liquid medicines. Still, that’s nothing compared to its potential of treating illnesses and diseases.

2. From E-Liquids to E-Medicines

Cannabidiol, or more popularly known as CBD, is already a $1-billion market in the United States. After all, many studies point to its health benefits, such as easing pain and depression.

CBD is available in oil form, which one could eat as is or mix in foods and beverages. Also, since it’s in liquid form, it’s no wonder some people have started to “vape” it.

This is one of the reasons e-medicines may actually become a new vape technology. For one, because many drugs are already in liquid forms, such as syrups. Instead of drinking it, it may be possible to vaporize liquid medicine for it to take effect faster.

3. Bidding Painful Injections Goodbye

Vaping technology could also replace medication administration through injections. Many folks — as many as 50 million in the U.S. alone — suffer from trypanophobia or fear of needles. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 things that Americans are afraid of.

4. High-Tech Flaunting of What They Got

Much thanks to the evolution of vaping technology, vaporizers are now far easier to use. One such innovation that ups their convenience factor is the use of HD displays like OLED and LCD.

These screens make it easier for vapers to monitor temperature and battery level. Some of the top vaporizers even show you how much e-liquid you have left. You may want to check out this kit to see how tanks with displays look like.

5. Going Stainless

Vaporizer manufacturers understand the need for more durable, safe, yet affordable vaping devices. While plastic tanks are generally safe (and cheap), many of them don’t really make the aesthetic cut.

That’s why stainless steel will revolutionize the vape industry. In fact, it already has, with many pod mods now available in this metal. We’re pretty sure to see more of these stainless-steel mods in action in the following years.

For one, because the metal boasts of high corrosion resistance against many acids. Some grades of stainless steel are also very tough even in high and low temperatures. The fact that stainless steel is strong also allows for a reduction in thickness and weight.

Moreover, this metal comes with excellent hygienic properties. That’s why they’re in high demand in kitchens, hospitals, and pharmaceutical-making facilities. In the vaping market, this cleanability means ease of equipment maintenance.

Let’s not forget that many types of finishes are available for stainless steel. That’s why vape manufacturers can produce cool-looking tanks in beautiful finishes.

6. Longer Battery Life, More Time in the Clouds

The battery in e-cigs and vape mods is what gives the atomizer the power to heat up the juice. It’s also responsible for delivering the energy to high-tech vaporizers with display screens.

Today, most e-cigs and mods run on lithium-ion batteries, since these are rechargeable. The thing is, some batteries die out sooner than others, not even lasting 300 puffs. Also, many batteries in these devices often need replacing after one year of use.

This constant “running out” and replacing of batteries can be a hassle and even costly. So, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are looking into improving battery technology.

A good example is Innokin’s battery technology. The company says it’s charging rate is 100 times faster than existing batteries.

E-cig and vape manufacturers may also incorporate other innovations in batteries.

For example, it may be possible to equip their products with the “smart” lithium-ion battery. This battery, invented by Stanford Uni scientists, gives users a warning of overheating. It “alerts” users to stop using the battery before it bursts into flames.

7. It’s All About Wireless Charging

Speaking of batteries, you can now charge certain vaporizers without annoying wires.

That’s right!

It’s all thanks to the inductive charging technology that has now expanded to the vape market. With these charging pods, you can now resuscitate your vaporizers the wireless way.

Up Your Vaping Experience with these Improved Vape Tech

There you have it, some of the best and most innovative vaping technology to look out for this year and beyond. With these advancements, we’re looking at better, more enjoyable vaping experiences. And hopefully, the ones with medical benefits will come to fruition soon.

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