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7 Key Benefits of Renovating Your Home Before Selling It

It’s time to put your home on the market, but you’re on the fence about whether to make some renovations first. The home selling process seems daunting enough, why put all the time and energy into fixing up a house you’re not staying in?

Well, how does more money and a quick sell sound to you?

Renovating your home can be a powerful selling feature. When you’re up against other homes on the market and picky buyers, you need something to give your home an edge above the rest.

Let’s look at 7 key benefits you get when you renovate your home before selling it.

1. Increase Your Home’s Value

The goal of every homeowner is to make as much money off of their house as possible when selling it. Renovating your house will ensure just that by increasing your home’s value.

Remodel outdated rooms to make the house more attractive. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are two rooms that give you the most return on your investment.

Another way to add value is by making your home more energy efficient. Replacing old windows, HVAC units, and adding insulation will appeal to buyers looking to save money on utility bills.

And low maintenance houses bring in a higher value. Buyers love houses they don’t have to worry will take too much time or money to maintain. A new roof, vinyl siding, and new water heater are all examples of low maintenance renovation ideas.

It’s simple logic: the more money you can ask for your house, the more money you’re going to make. That’s when a home renovation can pay off big time. Watara Homes Constructions is one of the best in terms of renovating your home.

2. Appeal to More Buyers

One of the advantages of renovating your home before you sell is it opens up your buyer pool to a whole new group of people.

Many buyers don’t want to purchase a fixer-upper home. They want a turnkey, move-in ready house they can start living in from day one. Having to deal with the hassle and expense of projects is a deal-breaker for them.

A renovated home attracts more buyer attention. This means you could likely see a quick and competitive offer as buyers try to snatch it up from one another.

3. Fix Any Needed Repairs

Holes in the walls, a leaky roof, and drafty old windows are not what buyers want to see when touring a house for sale. The more issues you can fix during a renovation, the better off you’ll be when you put your home on the market.

Home inspectors will also be looking over your house during the selling process. If they spot any repair or safety issues, they will point it out to potential buyers. That will either bring the price of offers down or send buyers on to look at houses in better shape.

Renovating your home to fix any issues will avoid turning off home buyers. Plus, it will give home inspectors no choice but to speak its praises.

4. Sell Your Home Fast

The last thing you want is for your house to set on the market for weeks or months at a time without an offer. You want to sell your home as quickly as possible so you can pocket your money and move on.

Renovating your home will prevent it from being the ugly house on the block nobody wants. Even if you only focus on fixing small details, such as repairs and minor upgrades, your home will become a less risky investment to buyers.

The more appealing you can make your listing; the faster buyer offers will come in to get your home sold.

5. Show the House is Well-Kept

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments one can make. That’s why a renovated house will give buyers peace of mind that they’re investing into a sound property.

Fixer-upper houses can be a risky investment to home buyers. When a house is unkempt and run-down, it makes them wonder what else is going on that they don’t know about. Problems lurking behind walls or foundation issues they can’t see are more likely found on a house that isn’t cared for.

But a renovation shows that your house is well looked after. And when buyers see less risk, you’ll see more money in offers.

6. Increase Curb Appeal

Before a buyer ever sets foot into your house, they have to see the outside first. Give them a welcoming first impression by sprucing up your home’s exterior.

Curb appeal sets the buyers expectations. A run-down front yard will tell them the inside is likely run-down as well. And that may stop them from wanting to come in and see more.

Trimming trees and bushes, new siding or a fresh coat of house paint, and upgraded landscaping are all things that will bring your curb appeal up.

Don’t forget about the front porch. A newly painted front door, plants, and a welcome mat will give them a warm invitation to come inside.

7. Depersonalizes Your House

Maybe you’ve enjoyed those blue kitchen units. Or you had a tile of your children’s handprints installed in the entry floor.

Those touches can make your house feel like a home – to you. But they are likely to turn a buyer off as projects needing done.

You need buyers to be able to see themselves living in the house, not see you still in the house. Taking out personal touches when renovating will make your home more appealing to others.

Neutral colors, updated floors, and a blank slate will allow buyers to see the possibilities for themselves.

Make Your House Easy to Sell by Renovating Your Home

Give potential buyers no reason to keep looking at other houses. Now that you know the benefits to renovating your home before you sell, you’ll no longer have to worry about that daunting selling process again.

Now that you’ve sold your old house, need tips to keep up your new one? Check out more posts on our Lifestyle blog!

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