7 Key Reasons to Hire a Special Needs Attorney

It’s important to do research before hiring a special needs lawyer. Keep reading for 7 key reasons to hire a special needs attorney for investigation.

Children living with disabilities require special attention in all areas of life, including their education. With over 600,000 children enrolled in special education classes in public schools across America, not all children receive the care they need. That’s where a special needs attorney comes in.

Hire a Special Needs Attorney

Special education law is a sub-specialty of education law. A special needs attorney fights for the rights of those living with disabilities within the educational system. Special education experts represent families whose disabled children have been subject to improper treatment by a school district.

Parents of children need to know when it’s time to call the experts and they have great qualification in law.

Let’s review seven reasons you should consult with a special education attorney

1. Navigate a Difficult Case

Some special needs attorney cases can get tricky. In such a situation, parents of disabled children will want a special needs lawyer by their side.

For example, a special needs lawyer can help parents understand special ed testing and results. For a child to enroll in special education services, the child will undergo various evaluations, progress reports.

Guidance Counselors

While guidance counselors and teachers have been trained in interpreting these results, most parents have not.

A special needs lawyer can review data and explain what the results mean for the child’s future. The special attorney can help parents understand what type of care and services the child is entitled to based on their evaluation results. Special education lawyers represent the families to ensure their child gets the treatment he or she deserves.

2. Save Time and Energy

Parents have a lot on their plates, especially when raising a disabled child. Between work, maintaining a household, and taking care of the children, many parents believe they don’t have the time to undergo a legal battle with their local school.

Get an Administrative Lawsuit

A special education lawyer may be an added expense, but most parents agree it’s worth it.

Legal experts relieve their clients of the stress of an administrative lawsuit. When you team up with a special ed lawyer, you can let them handle the paperwork, appointments, and follow-ups. With a lawyer, disabled children receive the proper representation a stressed-out parent may not be able to give.

3. Strengthen Your Case

When parents face their local Committee on Special Education (CSE) alone, they hit roadblocks. CSEs may tell parents they cannot accommodate their requests, they do not have adequate resources, or claim the child doesn’t require evaluation.

Legal Experts

Working with legal experts level the playing field.  There are specific regulations and lingo used when settling a special education lawsuit, which puts parents at a disadvantage.

A special education lawyer specializes in the rules, regulations, and criteria surrounding special needs testing and educational plans. They can help parents understand the process while advocating for the child.

4. Keep Your Relationship With the School District

Settling a special education lawsuit with your local public school can be awkward. Parents may know the administrators they have to testify against. Parents also may become emotional when it comes to advocating for their children. A special needs lawsuit can, therefore, be an uncomfortable and emotional process.

Working with a special needs lawyer allows parents to take the emotions out of the case. An attorney is a reliable and trustworthy third-party representative who can speak on behalf of you and your child.

When Attorneys Get Involved

School personnel will take your case seriously and ensure everything moves forward in a formal fashion. Attorneys allow parents to be well-represented at CSE meetings and evaluations.

Above all, if the school district has legal representation (which it probably does), it’s best to have a legal expert on your side, as well.

5. Determine If You Have a Case

Your CSE may make it seem like you don’t have a strong case, even when you do. A good attorney will carefully examine the details and determine how strong your case is before you push for it.

Consulting with special education lawyers is usually free. During this time, your lawyer will review all of the information available. The attorney will determine if it’s worthwhile to pursue your case and discuss the possible outcomes.

6. Ensure Everything Is Accounted For

While most parents know what their child needs to be successful in school, they may not be aware of everything the child is entitled to. A special education lawyer can ensure specific tasks get done.

Specific Tasks such as:

  • Administering IEP evaluations, implementations, and analysis
  • Filing complaints for the appropriate education agencies
  • Ensuring the school district is not discriminating against your child

Special needs lawyers secure your child’s school files, request IEP meetings, and prepare accordingly. An attorney will review all IEP evaluations before you sign them and research specific legal issues that pertain to your case. In the event of a hearing, a special attorney will prep for, attend, and compose post-hearing briefs.

7. Make Sure Your Child’s Case Is Resolved

If your child is disabled, he or she is entitled to an individualized learning plan. They should not be placed in large classrooms with average students and teachers. They should receive specialized education with a trained special needs instructor.

A special attorney fights for children to receive the care they need to reach academic success.

According to the 2017 Hechinger Report, almost all students with disabilities are capable of graduating on time. The reason they aren’t is because the public school system is failing them. A special attorney will ensure your case is resolved and your child is given the education he or she is entitled to.

Learn More About Hiring a Special Needs Lawyer

Children with disabilities can still thrive in school, permitted they are placed in the special needs attorney appropriate learning environment and personal injury lawyer. Sometimes, public schools fail special needs children and taking care by family lawyer. When this happens, parents turn to special needs attorney to ensure their child receives the education he or she is entitled to.

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