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7 Key Tips for First Time Home Buyers in Florida

There are many destinations to choose from, but you are confident Florida is the place for you long-term. However, joining other first-time home buyers isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

But don’t worry! Keep reading to discover 7 tips on how to buy a house in Florida so you can find just the right spot.

1. Know What Home Type Is Best For You

Houses are a popular option when it comes to home buying, but they’re not your only option available.

Condos and apartments are also choices as well, and purchasing one that is higher up off the ground can be a perk in case your area encounters flooding and can give you a beautiful ocean view if the property is beachfront. 

However, houses do have their perks as well. You don’t have to worry about being too noisy since there’s no one on the other side of a wall to be disturbed. And if you have a larger family, you may need the extra space.

When selecting your home type, make sure to consider the pros and cons of all your options before making your final decision.

2. Prioritize Safety

Safety is key to selecting a good destination. As you narrow down your choices, consider taking a drive around the local area and learn what’s nearby. 

If the area is not for you or simply seems sketchy, then it may be best to consider housing options in a different location.  

Also, do research on the crime rate and type of crime that typically occurs in the new location.

This way, you can be one of the confident home buyers and know for sure that the new area is a good place to live in. 

3. Don’t Buy in Haste

It’s great to be excited and eager, but don’t join the new home buyers in haste. Make sure to do your research so you can find just the right place, and avoid rushing into big decisions.

Taking each step as it comes can allow you to enjoy the home buying process at a pace that works best for you.

This way you will have the time you need in order to fully think things through, learn about, and be confident in your final purchase.

4. Price Check

Before purchasing, look at the price of similar homes nearby to ensure the amount you will pay is reasonable and fair.

Make sure to pay attention to prices in the areas around your home if you’re interested in having a higher resale value later on. 

Also, consider the type of mortgage you want. With a 15-year home payment, you’ll be paying less interest over time vs a 30-year payment plan.

And it is recommended for your monthly payment not to be greater than one-fourth of your monthly cash flow.

5. Check the Weather and Climate

Weather and climate are also something worth considering, especially if you’re open to any location option within Florida.

Notice whether your area has adequate evacuation plans and convenient routes to safety in case of a hurricane or strong storm. This also depends on where home is located as the option to evacuate might not be there, cities like West Palm Beach are just far enough from the shore and you will need hurricane protection such as impact windows or shutters.

And if the area you choose is likely to encounter flooding, then consider a house that is on a hill or higher ground to prevent problems. Also consider the roofing type, as some materials work better and last longer than others in Florida’s warm and wet climate.

6. Consider Curb Appeal and Overall Quality 

While curb appeal advice is typically themed for home sellers rather than home buyers, it can still help you make wise decisions in determining the quality of your potential purchase. 

For example, these lovely homes are great examples of what awesome curb appeal is.

If the seller puts a reasonable effort into curb appeal, it can show that they are serious and more likely to care about quality, which is important when selecting a home. 

Also, ask the owner about what pests they have dealt with and then decide if it is something worth dealing with for you as a home buyer.

For example, a yard with fire ants may make a location not worth the trouble if you have small children or are outdoors often. 

7. Find a Convenient Area

You could prefer the quiet calm of the countryside, as some home buyers do.  However, if being off the grid isn’t for you then make sure to look for a place with areas that have what you’re looking for. 

One of the best things about your home location is the places you can access nearby!

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How far is the grocery store, and how often will I need to go?
  • Are there nearby college options? 
  • How close am I to the coast? Is the nearby beach lifeguarded and safe?
  • Is there nearby employment? Does this area have the right options?
  • Are doctors offices and hospitals within a reasonable distance for my needs?

A good location can come with many perks. Make sure to take this into consideration as you’re searching for your spot.

Final Thoughts for First Time Home Buyers

While no place is perfect, it is definitely not impossible for first time home buyers to find a great location, so don’t stress! This is an adventure worth enjoying. 

And by keeping these 7 tips in mind, you’re setting yourself up for great home buyers success!

Want more advice and insight? Then feel free to explore the rest of this website for more helpful posts and information.

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