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7 Kitchen Decor Trends Guaranteed to Improve Your Home

Would you like to increase the value of your home substantially while also making it more functional for your family? Do it by remodeling your kitchen and incorporating the latest kitchen decor trends into the mix.

The average kitchen remodeling project costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000. But it usually offers a return on investment of more than 80 percent. That makes a kitchen remodel one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects you can take on.

If you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to consider the right kitchen decor trends for your home. Here are 7 kitchen decor ideas that are guaranteed to improve your home in a big way while also offering a great ROI.

1. Go With Something Other Than Granite Countertops

For years now, granite countertops have been incorporated into just about every single kitchen remodel. Granite has turned into the standard for those looking to revitalize their kitchen spaces.

But it appears as though America might finally be falling out of love with granite countertops. They’re picking out other types of natural stone for their kitchen countertops instead.

You won’t have any shortage of options when you’re looking for the right countertops for your new kitchen. But one of the best ones is quartz.

Quartz is gorgeous and, in many cases, it’s more affordable than granite. It’s also pretty much indestructible, which means it’ll be able to handle whatever you throw at it in your kitchen.

2. Be Wary About Making Everything White

White kitchens were all the rage in American homes for a long time. White makes most spaces feel bigger and brighter, which is why so many people gravitated towards making their kitchens white.

The latest kitchen decor trends have people moving away from making their kitchens white, though. They’re setting more dramatic tones in their kitchens by adding darker pops of color throughout the spaces.

By making your kitchen darker, you can make it easier for you to maintain it. You can also give it more personality and make it look different from all the other kitchens out there.

You don’t necessarily need to scrap everything you have in your kitchen now, either, to add color to it. Kitchen cabinet refinishing will allow you to make big changes to your kitchen while keeping the same cabinets in place.

3. Stay Away From Stainless Steel Appliances

Much like people are starting to turn their backs on granite countertops and white kitchens, they’re also starting to say no to stainless steel appliances.

That’s right! After embracing stainless steel appliances for so long, more and more Americans are deciding against using them when remodeling their kitchens.

In their place, they’re putting appliances covered in more neutral colors. Some people are also moving in the other direction and finding appliances that have brighter colors and even patterns on them.

There’s nothing wrong with using stainless steel if you love it. But it’s good to know that you will have other options when picking out new appliances for your updated kitchen.

4. Consider Using Concrete Finishes

Want to renovate your kitchen without completely blowing your budget? Concrete has turned into an option for those constructing budget-friendly kitchens that look great.

Concrete can be used to make:

  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Floors

It’s strong, durable, and will make any kitchen space look more modern when you use it right. Don’t discount the idea of using concrete if you’re trying to save a little bit of money during your kitchen remodeling project.

5. Find Ways to Make Your Flooring Stand Out

There are a lot of people who overlook the importance of picking out the right flooring when installing a new kitchen. They spend so much time focused on countertops and backsplashes that they forget about finding the best floors for their kitchen space.

Don’t make this mistake! Especially when there are so many statement flooring options for you to choose from in this day and age.

Make your kitchen floors stand out by picking flooring with a striking pattern. You can put an exclamation point on your kitchen by installing this type of flooring in the space.

6. See How Smart You Can Make Your Kitchen

You’ve probably incorporated tons of “smart” touches to the rest of your home. From your smart thermostat to your smart doorbell, there are so many different gadgets that homeowners can use to their advantage.

Why not take the smart approach to your kitchen, too?

Many modern-day refrigerators come with touchscreens these days. You can also find smart ovens that will change the way you cook forever.

These gadgets will bring your kitchen into the 21st century and make people want to spend more time in the space.

7. Take the Minimalistic Approach

Decluttering has become popular in many American homes. Look no further than the success of the Netflix seriesTidying Up with Marie Kondo, for proof of that.

If you’re already decluttering other parts of your home, you should take the same approach to your kitchen, too. Throw out the decorative mason jars and graphic signs that have invaded the space in recent years, and let your kitchen breathe!

You’ll feel the space open up when you don’t have so much stuff crammed inside of it. You might even want to make your next appliances smaller than your current ones in an effort to make your kitchen as minimalistic as it can be.

Use These Kitchen Decor Trends to Transform Your Kitchen Space

There are so many kitchen decor trends that you can use when piecing your new kitchen together. Consider some of the ones listed here if you think they’ll make the space look and feel better.

You’re likely going to be spending a pretty penny to revitalize your kitchen. So make sure you spend your money wisely in the right areas. It’ll help you avoid regretting the decisions you made with regards to your new kitchen in a few years.

Take a look at our blog to find more ideas for remodeling your kitchen.

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