Gym attendance is on the rise. In fact, memberships jumped to over 62 million last year. 

But gym members aren’t always getting the most out of workouts. Personal trainers can help improve fitness and overall wellness.

Wondering what to expect from a personal trainer? We’ve outlined some of the top questions to ask a personal trainer and some key gym guidance for beginners.

Why Bring Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer?

For people who are new to the gym, it can be tough to stick to a routine. 80 percent of people who join a gym as a resolution stop going within a month, but there are ways to set up a consistent gym routine.

Personal trainers can help motivate gym goers and they have a knack for getting individuals on a solid schedule. They also can be a good resource for learning the basics of different machines and exercises.

That all helps build confidence, which can encourage healthy habits.

It’s a good idea to bring questions to ask a personal trainer before signing up. Here are some personal trainer questions for beginners:

1. Am I Doing This Right?

For people who are new to the gym, the options can be overwhelming, but proper exercise technique can be the difference between strong results and injuries. 

Make sure to check in with a personal trainer and focus on perfect exercise form. This can prevent injuries and boost results.

2. What’s a Good Routine for Me?

Different people have different health goals. Those goals can play a big role in how often a person should go to the gym.

Personal trainers can give valuable suggestions about how often to lift weights, do cardio, or rest.

3. Can You Teach Me to Stretch?

Stretching increases mobility and can prevent injuries. A good personal trainer knows the best stretching techniques.

It’s a good idea to ask how to stretch and how often to stretch before or after workouts.

4. What Should I Be Eating?

Diet goes hand-in-hand with building strength and good health. And specific diets can help people reach different exercise goals.

Consider discussing personal goals with a personal trainer, and get advice about what foods will be best for the body.

5. Do You Have Tips to Help Prevent Injuries?

Injuries in the gym can quickly derail the most motivated individuals. Personal trainers can give workout beginners the best tips for staying healthy.

6. How Can I Strengthen My Core?

One good thing to ask about is bracing the core. Learning to tighten the core can help prevent ongoing problems like back pain.

Tightening the core muscles can also promote health during everyday activities. 

7. How Long Should I Rest?

Rest can be a valuable time to let the body recover, but the amount of rest a person needs and how long they take between exercises can differ. It’s a good idea to get advice about rest based on individual exercise goals.

More in Health and Fitness

These seven questions to ask a personal trainer should prepare gym goers for success. If you need more health and fitness advice, we have you covered.

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