Your birthday actually says a lot more about you than you think. October babies are often associated with one of the best holidays, Halloween. However, there are so many other reasons that makes it being born in this month awesome. Here are seven reasons why being an October baby has its charm:

7 Reasons Why Being An October Baby Has Its Charm!

1. You are a natural athlete – A study in 2015, found that babies born in October were found to be better potential athletes than any other children. The study shows that babies born in October had better stamina and strength than other children in the study. It is possibly linked to the amount of Vitamin D exposure during pregnancy. Vitamin D increases bone and muscle growth, so October babies may have a leg up during their summer development.

2. You have strong cardio health  – Another study in 2012 found that those born in October had a high risk for some diseases, but had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The study looked at lifespans depending on month of birth.  It is no wonder those born in October are such natural athletes. With such strong hearts, October babies are able to perform better in athletic activities because of their favorable cardiovascular health and natural stamina.

3. Calendula is your birth flower – October babies are lucky in that their birth flower is the calendula or marigold. This flower can grow up to two feet tall and has many healing benefits. Calendula has natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The oil from this flower can be used as an ointment to help with wounds, burns, and insect bites. The flower is also said to be beneficial for oral health and has been beneficial for those going with inflammation because of cancer treatments.

7 Reasons Why Being An October Baby Has Its Charm!

4. Opal is your birthstone – Opal in ancient times was considered the Queen of Gems because it included all the colors of other gemstones. Those born in October are lucky to have an opal as their birthstone. Opals are known to have some healing properties. They are said to help with the ability to fight off fevers and purifies the blood and kidneys. Opals bring about emotional energy and are great for stimulating creativity.

5. You are quite presidential – If you are born in October, you might have a better chance at becoming president. More presidents are born in October than in any other month. Some of those presidents include John Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Those October babies with political aspirations might find themselves extremely lucky.

6. You’ll enjoy a long life – Since October babies have such strong physical health, they often seem to outlive others. According to a study that looked at season of birth and longevity of life, those born between September and December outlived siblings born in earlier months. This makes October babies with a higher chance of seeing the ripe age of 100.

7. Fall is everyone’s favorite season – The last and final reason why being an October baby has its charm is because Fall is everyone’s favorite season. A survey found that 29% of Americans preferred the Fall season. That is 4% more than the amount of people who preferred the summer season. Those born in October get to enjoy the nation’s favorite season even more thanks to their birthdays.

Clearly, being an October baby definitely has its charm. Those born in October get to enjoy so many aspects of the month that those born in other months never get to enjoy.