John Wooden was a famous college basketball coach who taught the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabar and won seven national titles in a row. The man left a remarkable legacy, but it was the students and athletes under his guide who benefitted the most. 

Sports coaches enhance an athlete’s skills, but life coaches are another side of coach spectrum that we’ve only recently explored. Many people are finding they need a life coach to navigate day-to-day struggles and succeed in relationships, careers, and happiness. 

A life coach is somewhat of a newer concept, though, and you might be wondering if you even need one in the first place. Here are seven sure signs that you’d benefit from a life coach! 

Recognizing the Signs That You Need a Life Coach

Before seeking one out, you should take a step back and look for the signs that you really need a life coach. Here are some common ones that should tip you off. 

1. Everything Makes You Feel Exhausted 

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, stress, or a combination of all three, you find that just about everything makes you feel worn out and beat down. No matter what, you can’t seem to find that inner peace.

Maybe it’s just a feeling you get when you come home from work, or maybe it’s the first thing you feel in the morning. Regardless, this constant drain of energy is unhealthy and could be a good reason why you need to seek a life coach. 

2. You Dread Going to Work

Work is work. 

It’s not necessarily supposed to be fun all the time, but you shouldn’t dread it every single day. One of the benefits of seeing a life coach is the ability to see outside of the 9-to-5 box you live in.

3. Your Relationships Are Failing All Around You

Losing friends, family, and loved ones is difficult to accept. Sometimes, it’s a fact of life, but if all your relationships are failing, a life coach can help you see why.

In the case of romantic relationships, marriage counseling can help give you perspective on the complex issues you might be facing. 

4. Everyone Is Sick of Hearing About Your Problems 

Talking through problems is very important and healthy. But sometimes, our lives get so bogged down with issues that no one wants to even hear about it anymore. 

It’s very unfortunate, but it might mean that you need a life coach to work through them rather than venting to friends and family all the time. 

5. You Can’t Make Decisions

If you overanalyze every little facet of your life, you might find it’s difficult to make decisions. Life coaches can help you recognize what’s holding you back from moving forward with tough choices. 

6. You Don’t Know Your Purpose

Most people deal with the problem of not understanding their purpose. One of the advantages to seeing a life coach is that she can help you hone in on what you truly desire. 

7. You Can’t Figure out How to Achieve Your Dreams

While some people don’t even know what their purpose is, others simply don’t know how to reach it. If you have dreams and goals but don’t know how to achieve them, a life coach can help you by starting at square one.

All you may need is for someone to help you make sense of what seems like an uphill battle. 

A Different Kind of Coach

When we think of a coach, we often think of sports. But what is a life coach, and why might you need a life coach? Many signs, such as exhaustion, failed relationships, and career issues may help you realize you could benefit from one. 

In the meantime, there are also plenty of things you can do to help yourself out. Consider unplugging and unwinding at night for better and healthier sleep. 

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