With cooler temperatures knocking, it’s time to plan for the fall. As the leaves start falling, it’s crucial to ensure everything around your home is working well!

For instance, an overflowing gutter can damage the house and change your pathway into a frozen slip and slide!

Following are 7 ways via which you can prepare for the autumn!

1. Fertilize Your Lawn

Experts recommend fertilizing the lawn in autumn. That protects it over the winter and assists in speeding its greening come springtime. Fall feeding is particularly vital in parts with dry summers.

That triggers renewed growth of roots and blades. Thus your grass becomes healthy and thick before setting of winter temperatures.

2. Get Your HVAC Serviced

May be your AC has been chugging the whole of summer. It’s time to allow it to rest. Before tucking in for the winter, ensure you clean the coils. YouTube videos can be of great help.

If you’re done utilizing the AC, cover the outside unit to keep ice and debris from destroying your system. Move indoors and change the thermostat from cooling to heating. Do the same with the filter.

Uncover all indoor vents and clean your ducts.

3. Clean The Gutters

You know the mess that clogged gutters can bring! By using a ladder, pull debris and if it’s a one-story house, use leaf-blower attachment to discharge the stuff. In case there’s much work, engage a gutter cleaning firm.

4. Drain & Store Your Lawn Equipment

Unutilized fuel chemically changes, creating deposits and destroying the equipment over time. Drain the tank of a lawnmower, weed eater and leaf blower before storing. Consider sharpening lawn mower blades to prepare them for next Spring.

5. Turn Off & Drain Sprinklers and Outdoor Faucets

Once temperatures plunge under freezing, outdoor pipes and hoses may burst. Replacing garden hose pipes isn’t hard. But it’s costly to handle the burst pipes of lawn’s sprinkler system.

Disconnect the outdoor hoses and turn off the water supply. Open the faucets and start the sprinkler system to drain water residues.

6. Inspect & Clean Your Chimney

Filling your home with smoke, soot and carbon monoxide isn’t charming. That happens whenever the chimney isn’t working well. You also need to inspect fireplaces to ensure pipes are free from cracks. Cracks give way to smoke that can penetrate your home. The task is best left to experts and costs approximately $100-200.

7. Get Your Ice Melt & Snow Blower Ready

It’s usually too late to get the snow gear when the winter arrives. Consider stocking such things during autumn when they’re lower-priced and plentiful. Even for those with older sufficient stocks, or presume their shovel or blower is in good shape, it’s advisable to check.

No one wants to get caught in the cold after realizing they never prepared.

Don’t Delay

Preparing for the fall isn’t tricky but time-consuming as similar with most maintenance tasks at home! Not preparing for the fall can cost you huge sums of losses. Thus, you need to get some time and get the job done!During your preparation, Bradley Mowers stands with you in every season!

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